BTS Just Dropped A Smooth AF ASMR Hyundai Palisade Ad That Will Give You Chills


BTS' Hyundai Palisade ads are no joke, OK? I've found that I need at least five minutes of preparation time (basically consisting of me woosah-ing repeatedly until I've calmed down enough to concentrate) before I can press play. Whether it's the boys strutting their stuff down a red carpet of the boys separated into units on glorified glamping trips, the short ads rock my world every time. But if all the ads up until this point gave you heart palpitations, their latest ad should come with a health advisory, because this video of BTS' ASMR Hyundai Palisade ad is 15 seconds that will bless your ears and eyeballs in ways you never thought possible.

Before I get into what goes down in the boys' latest ad, I would advise you to, first, stop what you're doing, go find you're biggest and best pair of headphones, stick those babies in your eardrums, and then continue reading, because this ad is all about taking in every detail of these boys' glorious voices.

The video starts out with a closeup shot of Jungkook's face as a sonic thumping starts thrumming. Then there's a series of quick cuts to several different, beautiful closeup shots that will make you want to watch this ad at half speed: V's eyes, Jimin's neck, Jin's lips, Jungkook's profile, RM's (?) ear, and Jin's profile. The closeup shots don't stop there, but I think you get the point.

Interspersed throughout all the closeup shots, the camera moves in close to the boys' lips as they whisper, "Palisade," over and over. Check out the 20-seconds of wonder below:

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that Hyundai is attempting to hypnotize the ARMY into buying more Palisade's. But based on the Hyundai Palisade's sales numbers, it looks like resorting to such measures is not necessary.

BTS' red carpet, moon-gazing, camping, and hilarious tent-folding ads, plus the boys arriving at the Grammys in Palisades is apparently already enough to have sent Palisade sales through the roof.

According to a Feb. 20 Koreaboo report, Hyundai originally estimated their sales for Palisades would be around 25,000. But by late February, they had already received orders for 52,000 cars. Koreaboo reports that Hyundai is actually struggling to keep up with the extreme demand and customers who order Palisades now could have to wait between 6-9 months to get their car.

Basically, BTS' power is NO JOKE.

And BTS ARMY don't play when it comes to cars. While most ARMY can't afford to splurge on a Palisade, many have managed to scrape together enough cash to send BTS a shoutout in their own way: with customized license plates.

Fans of the band have been taking to Twitter to share photos of cars they spotted with shoutouts to BTS on the plates, like one car with a plate that just read "JIMIN" and another that featured Jimin's nickname and birth year, "MOCHI95."

Namjoon, V, and J-Hope have gotten license plate love, too.

And so has BTS as a whole!

I live in New York City and ride the subway, so I can't do the whole license plate thing. But if the MTA was smart, they'd let me drop $10 on a customized BTS metro card. I can already see the lines of BTS ARMY waiting to buy their cards going around the block. Make it happen, MTA!