How To Use The March Equinox To Start Over, Even Though It Still Feels Like Winter

by Rosey Baker
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just on the heels of the first day of Spring, the East Coast of the U.S.A is being pummeled by #WinterStormToby, and much like the character from The Office, it's a real drag. The vernal equinox of 2018 might not feel like a restart yet, but you can still make it feel like one. Sure, this winter feels like it's never-ending, and most of us can't wait to see just the slightest bit of greenery around us. We're itching to take our dogs on walks that are actually mutually enjoyable, or for that outside seating to open up at our fave restaurant. We don't have to let the snow get in the way of looking forward to all that.

The vernal equinox is meant to be a time of spiritual renewal, and while nice weather might make it easier for us to feel that refreshing feeling, it's not a necessity. Even if you're living on the beach, you might just be going through your own internal winter of the soul, and that's what we're here to fix. In fact, there's plenty you can do to make your own vernal equinox, on your own. You're a grown ass human being, and you can take your life into your own hands. Here are a few tips to get that refreshing spiritual renewal you've been craving after a long winter.

Change Up Your Routine

Spring is about resurrection, about breathing new life. There's something about doing the same thing every day, seeing the same people, and even engaging in the same old habits that keep us feeling... well, a little dead inside. So ask yourself: What are the ways that I'm feeling stuck? How can I change my habits to allow a new sense of adventure into my life?

For me, it was the time I was waking up in the morning. I'd been sleeping in, going to bed late, and feeling groggy throughout the day. I knew I needed to change that, so I started putting myself to bed at a stricter time every night. Soon enough, I found myself waking up earlier with more energy and with that, a more optimistic outlook.

It likely will be different for anyone reading this, but usually all it takes is a small change to make a big difference.

Out With The Old, In With The New

In order for to make space for new energy to rush into our lives, we generally have to make room for it. That means a certain amount of harvesting has to be done; you've got to get rid of the weeds to make space for new life to spring up. If you're stuck in a job you hate, or surrounded by people who are negative, it might be time to bid them goodbye.

The idea of letting go of any people, places, or things might scare you, and that's okay too, as long as you know this isn't a reckless decision. Sometimes all you need is to just get rid of some of your old clothes and donate them to charities. You'd be surprised what having a little extra closet space can do for your spirit.

Plan For The Summer

Sure, it's important to live mindfully and "stay in the moment," but when the moment happens to be winter, it's like, enough is enough. Sitting down in front of the computer and booking a ticket to a warmer climate, or meeting with a friend to plan out some fun summer beach trips can really do your body and mind some good.

Not only does it prevent you from feeling the dreaded, "Oh no, summer is here again and I didn't plan anything," feeling; it serves as an important reminder that winter won't last forever, and that summer is just within a few months' reach.

Hang in there.