The Ultimate Friendsgiving Playlist To Keep Y'all On Beet

At least once (or constantly) you've heard someone say that music is food for the soul. With that being said, music is the flavorful icing to your piece of cake Friendsgiving celebration. Your friends are not strangers to randomly busting a move. Compiling the ultimate Friendsgiving playlist will have your crew up on their feet and soaring through musical euphoria.

There's never really a dull moment when it comes to music, unless of course you intentionally cover your ears and shake your head at everyone else having a good time. But who has time for all of that rubbish? The music at your Friendsgiving dinner should be the last of your worries.

Putting together your musical masterpiece beforehand will keep the tunes flowing, and will leave your concerns out of sight and out of mind. It's almost like that feeling you get when you let your iPod play music on shuffle mode. You literally let randomness take the wheel on an excursion through your musical tastes. The feeling never disappoints, and you find yourself dancing to classics that would remain buried deep in the graveyard of your not-so-listened-to songs. You'll need a variety for sure, and even if your friends are picky, you can't go wrong with including most, if not all, of these songs.

"Apple Pie A La Mode" By Destiny's Child
lilsisgal187 on YouTube

Oh, c'mon! Anything involving pie in a song title needs to be on your playlist for a Friendsgiving gathering. Destiny's Child may no longer exist as a group, but pie is still prevailing. This is definitely a throwback to those days of awkward middle school dances where the auditorium magically turned into a separated room (boys on one side, and girls on the other).

"Humble" By Kendrick Lamar
KendrickLamarVEVO on YouTube

Thanksgiving is definitely a humbling time, especially when you consider that not everyone gets to enjoy a meal with their friends and family. It's hard not to bob your head to this song or tap your feet. It's super catchy, and is sure to have your guest feeling lit AF.

"Magic" By B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo
Atlantic Records on YouTube

This song never gets old and is so upbeat. Even if you don't know the words, you have to break out a move when this comes on. It's actually sort of odd if you aren't doing some sort of jumping once that chorus hits. And if you can't quite put your finger on where you know this song from, it was definitely in Pitch Perfect.

"That's What I Like" By Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars on YouTube

Oh, Bruno. Why did you have to make such a memorable song with swoon-worthy high notes? This song is probably one of the most iconic songs of 2017. It's that impeccable car karaoke jam that has fellow commuters staring into your windows and wondering why the heck that vein in the side of your neck is protruding with a purpose.

"Pop" By *NSYNC

Yes, this is a classic right here. As much as many of us are still sore that this group couldn't last, we can still reminisce. All of your boy band friends will appreciate that you have this in your rotation. And no matter how stuffed they are, this song will get them up, creating a karaoke stage in your living room.

"Feeling Myself" By Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé
MasterDumb on YouTube

Running your fingers over your full belly? Here is the perfect song for that. The weather may not be as allowing for us to be rocking one pieces like Bey and Nicki, but we are wearing the hell out of our festive attire. Pass the stuffing and cranberry sauce, please.

"Bodak Yellow" By Cardi B
Cardi B on YouTube

All together now, "These expensive, these is red bottoms." OK, maybe this gets played on the radio entirely too much, but that notorious line is meant for large groups who aren't afraid to yell out the lyrics together. Fun song alert, for real.

"Salt Shaker" By Ying Yang Twins
Radial by The Orchard on YouTube

OK, this was one of those songs we had no business singing in middle school, but now we are grown and can sing whatever we want. You're going to be doing enough passing of the salt, so you might as well shake it, too. Seriously, dancing to this song is mandatory.

"Pretty Girl Rock" By Keri Hilson
KeriHilsonVEVO on YouTube

This song is a must, especially if your Friendsgiving includes only you and your girl tribe. Girl pride doesn't stop just because we're focusing on getting stuff done in the kitchen so we can chow down. Aside from the Spice Girls, we really only need each other to remember the fierceness of girl power.

"Stand By Me" By Bootstraps
Sushant Belsare on YouTube

I have to get back to a little bit of sentimental stuff. Your friends at your Friendsgiving have become more like family. This song is so appropriate, because this is the crew that'll always have your back and be by your side.

"Hey Ya" By OutKast
OutkastVEVO on YouTube

This song is through the roof with overflowing originality and uniqueness. There really hasn't been another song like this one, and even if it came out when you were an adolescent, you are still grooving to it as an adult. Yes, the Polaroid picture part is my fave, too.

Blow your friends away with a playlist that's an experience. You all may already have memories from your favorite songs, but you're open to making some more this Friendsgiving.