The #NoRegrets List For College Seniors, From A Former Student Who Completed It

Your last semester in college is bound to be an exciting one. You're almost done with classes, and you're feeling extremely proud of everything you've accomplished over the past few years. As you wrap up your time in school, you'll want to reference the ultimate bucket list for college seniors to make sure you cross everything off your list before you leave.

I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, so I didn't have the typical college experience. I had an urban campus with tons of buildings spread out over a few city blocks, and all of my classes — including the liberal arts ones — were music-related.

Even though my school wasn't what you'd consider a typical college campus, I was determined to make the most of it — especially during my senior year. My last semester was a whirlwind of preparing for life post-grad, but I also made it a point to enjoy all that senior year of college has to offer. I reconnected with my professors, visited my favorite spots on campus, and took a ton of photos.

If you're headed into your last semester of college this spring, you should definitely use this bucket list as your guide for everything you need to do before you head out into the "real world."

Grab A Coffee And Enjoy It At "Your Spot" On Campus
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You likely have a favorite spot on campus that's both busy enough for people watching, and calm enough so you can relax and get some work done. During your last couple weeks in college, visit that spot one last time with a coffee from your favorite on-campus café, and reminisce about all of the times you sat there reading or catching up with friends.

Mine was the sitting area in the lobby of the building where the private lessons were held, because it had glass doors that almost blocked out the noise from the main lobby, but you could still see the bustle of students passing by. It also had a ton of tables and arguably the best WiFi on campus, so I could camp out there and get work done while snacking.

Take Polaroids Of Your Favorite Places
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You're bound to have more than a few spots on campus that have a ton of happy memories for you, from your past dorm rooms to the cafeteria. All of those places deserve to be documented somewhere.

Grab some friends and your Polaroid camera, and take a tour of your favorite places on campus. If you don't own a Polaroid camera, Urban Outfitters carries handy ones that pop out the cutest prints. You can put all of the pictures in a cool photo album, or hang them up in your room at home. (Let's be real: You and your friends will end up taking photos of each other, too, so you'll need the extra photo album space. Don't forget to bring extra film!)

Visit Your Favorite Restaurant On Campus One Last Time
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Your college probably has a multitude of on campus dining options, but you know that there's only a couple worth visiting during your last weeks at school. Make it a point to go back to that restaurant or café on campus that you've frequented so many times (even if going there isn't part of your meal plan).

Go To One More Home Game
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This is one awesome college experience that I'm sad I missed out on, because I'm a major "school spirit" kind of a gal. But if you're lucky enough to have sports teams at your university, make sure you go to one last home game to support your school and hang out with your friends. Don't forget to sport your favorite jersey and face paint!

Catch Up With Your Favorite Professors
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I had quite a few professors whom I deeply admired during my college career. During my last few months on campus, I touched base with them. Many of them have become lifelong mentors, even a few years after graduating.

If you have a few professors who were incredible mentors to you, consider updating them on your future plans. They might have some words of wisdom to offer before you head off into the "real world."

Head To Your Favorite Off-Campus Bar With The Crew
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Now that you and your friends are 21 or over, you've probably found a favorite spot to hang out on Friday nights to decompress from the school week. Before you leave your college town, you and your friend group should definitely head to that spot and have one last hang to celebrate all of your special times there together.

Go To Senior Week (Or Your College's Equivalent)
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You don't have to go to every event during senior week, but make an effort to at least go to a couple. It'll be nice to reconnect with old classmates whom you haven't seen in a while, and celebrate the end of your college career with fellow graduating seniors.

Put Together A Memento Documenting Your Favorite Moments From College
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I'm big into documenting all of life's moments, including the little ones. (I was notoriously known as my friend group's designated photographer.) Before you leave, put together something to commemorate your time in college. It can be a physical photo album, or one that you share via Google Drive with all of your closest friends.

If pictures aren't your thing, try journaling or making lists of all of your favorite moments from your time in college. It may be difficult to remember everything, but you can go semester by semester to try to pick out some of your highlights from your college career.