My Career Has Nothing To Do With My College Degree & Here's Why I'm OK With It

by Kristin Corpuz

When I was in high school, I had a very specific trajectory planned for my life. I was a dedicated student, took all the AP classes I could, and threw myself into extracurricular activities, all for the purposes of getting into a prestigious college that would then lead to a good job or grad school. But as I went through three and a half years of college, my mind constantly changed about what I wanted to do after I graduated, and it became clear to me that my original path wasn't going to pan out in the way I planned. But even though where I ended up wasn't where I originally pictured myself, I feel like I'm in a good place now. My career has nothing to do with my college degree, I'm 100 percent OK with that.

I'm a bit... indecisive. I've changed my mind so many times over the course of my career. From where I went to college, to what I majored in, to what I did in college, to what I ended up doing after I graduated, my path couldn't be further from what I had in mind for myself. But a beautiful part of my journey has been accepting that life throws me curveballs, and I now know that I am able to adapt.

I double-majored in music business and performance/songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

If you told me when I started college that I was going to end up writing and editing for high-profile lifestyle, beauty, and entertainment publications, I might have scoffed in your face. Throughout my college experience, I gradually set myself up for a career on the business side of the music industry. I had daydreams of becoming a hot shot manager or an exec at a major label. But when I graduated and moved to New York, those visions sort of dissipated.

I felt lost and confused, and I wasn't sure what direction I should go in. So, I reached out to every major NYC-based music company, from labels to publishers to production companies, in hopes of finding a job even somewhat related to my major. I finally heard back from a major music publication and jumped at the opportunity to learn from such a prestigious company that's a staple in the music industry.

While I was there, I fell in love with writing and was enamored with the new environment I found myself in.

Working there led to opportunities I could never have dreamed of. I landed bylines for some of the biggest publications in the country, covered my first-ever New York Fashion Week (and many consecutive seasons following), traveled around the globe for work, and met amazing people — from journalists I admire, to celebrities, brand founders, and CEOs. I never pictured myself loving anything outside of the music industry, but I've found something that really allows my creativity to flourish.

While I miss performing and being fully immersed in the music industry, it's honestly nice to get a break from it. I can revisit it when I want to, and I never have to worry about falling out of love with it. I perform every once in a while, occasionally contribute to music publications, and attend industry events (all of which allow me to stay plugged in while pursuing my newfound passion as a career).

I firmly believe that I would not have ended up where I am today without having majored in music business.

If you're in college right now, maybe feeling a little unsure of what direction to go in next, you're not alone. Speaking from my experience, uncertainty is a huge part of the adventure. And though this might not be exactly what you (or your parents) want to hear, everything does fall into place eventually, even if the result isn't what you thought it was going to be. Give yourself some space — work hard, and the right opportunity will come to you when it's time.

While I'm not actively pursuing a career that my major feeds into, my education and training led to experiences that pushed me to my current path, and for that, I'm forever grateful. I'm so looking forward to whatever comes next.