You Can Win A New Twix Meltdown Device To Make Your Coffee Taste Like Your Fave Candy

I tend to be somewhat of a coffee purist — I usually take mine black, occasionally with a splash of almond milk. However, if I'm given the chance to make my morning cup taste like a freakin' Twix bar, you can bet your bottom dollar I will. So if you haven't already heard about the Twix Meltdown device for coffee, it's about to totally revolutionize your morning.

Getting the chance to combine your morning cuppa with your favorite candy bar is pretty much ideal, if you ask me, so you could probably imagine how psyched I was to hear that Twix is giving fans the chance to win the Twix Meltdown. It's a truly unreal opportunity for coffee drinkers everywhere, and to be completely honest, it's getting me so hyped to start the day.

If you aren't already familiar with the Twix Meltdown, it's a device that lets you combine your coffee and Twix bar in the most conducive way possible. Per the April 16 release, you place a Left or Right Twix into a cup of hot coffee. The hot coffee absorbs each and every drop of chocolate and caramel, letting you pull out just the cookie to eat all on its own. It's pretty ingenious, and it's definitely going to make each and every one of my early mornings a lot more tolerable. If you still aren't totally clear on how to use it, though, make sure to check out the steps in the photos below.

As you see, you start out by inserting your candy bar into the device, dipping it into your cup of coffee.

Courtesy Of Twix

After 15 seconds of submerging your Twix bar into your coffee, you'll remove it.

Courtesy Of Twix

Finally, sip and let it all sink in. You might actually have to take some time and recover from all that gloriousness.

Courtesy Of Twix

If you're interested in entering to win a Twix Meltdown for yourself (aka the only way to get your hands on one), make sure to follow Twix on Instagram. According to the press release, they will be posting the official rules within the next few days. It will explain how you'll officially be able to enter the sweepstakes as of April 25.

Michelle Deignan, Twix's Brand Director, commented on the fact that Twix and coffee are made for each other, according to the press release. Thus, they invented the Meltdown.

According to the press release, Deignan said:

Enjoying a Twix and coffee together felt like a natural pairing. So it only seemed appropriate to provide consumers a way to combine the two, literally.

Ugh, this is true innovation at its finest. I seriously can't handle this level of intelligence.

Until you get a Meltdown for yourself, definitely make a point to try Dunkin's Girl Scout Cookie flavors. They're back for a limited time, and they taste like your favorite flavors, including: Samoas, Thin Mints, and Trefoils. All I can say is, "Wow."

OK for real, though — Twix is slaying the game right now. No other combination can surpass that of coffee and a Twix bar, to be completely honest, so it's safe to say the Meltdown is all I want for my birthday this year. My mug is eagerly waiting.