Do You Know What These Ice Pops Are Called? Because Twitter Doesn't

What do you call those colorful ice pops that are shoved into the back of your freezer every summer? I'm talking about the fruity ones that you have to tear from the rest in order to enjoy. If you can't think of an exact name for 'em, you're not alone. Apparently, Twitter is having an ongoing argument about what they're called, and it seems like no one can agree. TBH, all of the tweets about what these ice pops are called will make you feel super conflicted. (For the record, I just call them "ice pops.")

Let's take it from the top, though. On Saturday, May 25, Twitter user @fetusleen posted a photo of colorful ice pops with the caption, "it's dead summer. your mom comes home from the store with THESE. what do u call these and what is the best color?" Shortly after the thread was started, hundreds of Twitter users chimed in with their favorite colors and preferred popsicle names.

I don't know about you, but I was under the impression that these summertime treats only went by "ice pops" — but I was definitely wrong. Apparently, people from around the world have different names for them, including "Otter Pops" and "Zooper Doopers."

I'll start with Otter Pops, because that seems to be a popular choice. Amidst the growing Twitter thread, tons of people (including the actual Otter Pops Twitter account) argued that the pictured ice pops are indeed Otter Pops.

While tons of people think these ice pops are called "Otter Pops," others — specifically those from Australia — think they're called "Zooper Doopers."

As you can see, Twitter is feeling extremely conflicted. Otter Pops and Zooper Doopers aren't the only names that folks have for their beloved ice pops, though.

Another popular name is, of course, "freeze pops."

In addition to "freeze pops," people are calling them "freezies."

Who knew an ice pop could have so many different names? That's not it, though. In addition to Otter Pops, Zoober Doopers, freeze pops, and freezies, folks are calling 'em "popsicles" and "ice poles."

Some people also call them Bolis, which appears to be an ice pop brand that's similar to Otter Pops and Fla-Vor-Ice.

Speaking of Fla-Vor-Ice, that's another name people are giving these pops.

While tons of people have given the ice pops official names, others have named 'em the "things that cut the sides of your mouth" (from the plastic, of course).

Yup, I've been there.

Based off of this ongoing Twitter thread, it's obvious that these frozen flavor tubes have tons of names — and what you choose to call them is your decision to make. Regardless, they're perfect for those steamy days in the summer sun.

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