These Boozy Rosé-Flavored Ice Pops Will Be Your New Fave Dessert This Summer

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Ice pops are summer staples — especially when they taste like cocktails. That's why I'm so excited about these boozy ice pops by FrutaPOP. Not only do they taste like your favorite summer beverages, but they're also alcoholic. (Yes, that means you must be 21 years and older to order and consume them.) If you're old enough to buy a pack, you'll be thrilled to know about all of the flavors that you can choose from. Once you find out, you'll be making room in your freezer for your new favorite dessert.

Since I'm on the topic of flavors, that's where I'll start. With one look at FrutaPOP's online store, you'll see an assortment of boozy summer selections such as Brosé Rosé, Coconut Rosé, Moscow Mule, Guava Cosmo, Watermelon Margarita, Watermelon Lemonade, Piña Colada, and more. You can even check out FrutaPOP's flavor menu, which features additional options like Sparkling Lychee Prosecco and Sparkling Mango Mimosa. I don't know about you, but I've got my eyes on the rosé flavors. (They all sound delicious, though.)

If you can't decide which package to choose, don't fret. FrutaPOP is currently selling a "POP Luck" Variety Pack that includes various boozy flavors. Like the other options, you can choose from a 12-pack, 24-pack, 36-pack, and a 48-pack, which means you'll be pretty much set for your upcoming summer parties. Don't forget to drink these responsibly, though. They are alcoholic, after all.


How alcoholic are they, anyway? According to FrutaPOP, all of the "poptails" that the company offers have an ABV of 5%. That, my friends, is why you must be over 21 years old to buy (and consume) them. Treat them like cocktails and pace yourselves.

Now that you know how boozy FrutaPOP "poptails" actually are, you're probably wondering how much they cost. Well, let's just say they don't have the same price tag that you'd find on your go-to popsicles (the non-alcoholic ones, of course). According to FrutaPOP's website, the starting price for all boozy flavors is $60 for a 12-pack. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. After doing the math, each ice pop is worth $5, which is what you'd probably pay for at the bar during happy hour. Plus, you can split the cost with your friends if they're planning on eating the ice pops with you.

If you'd rather have more than 12 ice pops, though, you can buy a 24-pack for $120, a 36-pack for $180, or a 48-pack for $240. Again, you can always share the cost with your party guests (who 21 years and older) if they're hoping to partake in the boozy ice pop fun.

After you've selected your flavors and quantity, you can go ahead and order the ice pops straight from FrutaPOP's website. According to the company, the "poptails" are available for nationwide shipping and will arrive right at your doorstep, which is totally convenient.

With that being said, stock up for your next summer gathering or enjoy one by the pool. Start by scanning FrutaPOP's online shop and choosing your favorite flavors. As always, enjoy these responsibly.

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