ARMYs Have Mixed Feelings About The BTS x Mattel Dolls, But That Won't Stop Their Support

BTS fans were so ready for the arrival of the official BTS dolls. Announced on Jan 6, 2019, Mattel revealed that K-Pop's biggest sensation would be getting its own set of dolls, just like lots of music groups in the past (anyone else have those *NSYNC dolls from their No Strings Attached album?). On Tuesday, March 26, the dolls were finally revealed. But the tweets about the first photos of the BTS x Mattel dolls, unfortunately, reveal that most of the BTS ARMY aren't quite fans of the dolls' looks — but that they love BTS enough to support them anyway.

On March 18, Mattel tweeted a teaser photo of the set of dolls, giving fans the first preview of what to expect. While the colors of the dolls were blocked out in the teaser photo, fans already had an idea of what the fashion dolls' outfits would look like because they were created to mimic one of their music videos. According to a press release announcing the upcoming arrival of the dolls in January, the looks each fashion doll would be sporting were supposed to emulate the boys' looks from the "Idol" music video. Then, on the morning of March 26, the official photo finally dropped.

"MIC Drop, ARMY! For the first time ever, we're thrilled to show you the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls!" Mattel's tweet debuting the dolls said. "Take a look at V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin and j-hope as dolls inspired by the Idol music video!"

Here are the official BTS x Mattel dolls:

Mattel also released individual photos of each doll. Here they are:






Jung Kook


Take a look through the tweets about these dolls, though, and it's clear that they're not getting a 100 percent stamp of approval from the BTS ARMY.

Overall, fans think the outfits are on point and that RM's dimple on his left cheek is perfection, but their faces and hair? Swing and a miss.

Despite their general "meh" regarding the dolls' looks, however, fans are still choosing to support the partnership because endorsements like these are a key aspect of their rising superstardom.

"Send positive comments under Mattel's tweet," one fan tweeted. "We need to support these endorsements so that BTS get more. We don't want ppl deterred from buying the dolls or future investors put off from a possible collaboration. #BTSxMattel #BTS #BTSDollsOfficial."

Come through, ARMY support!

If it's any consolation, ARMYs, literally every time a boy band has gotten dolls made out of them, it's been a damn mess.

Do you remember the *NSYNC marionette puppets?! A mess.

I owned all five.

And let's not even think about discussing the One Direction dolls.

Why'd ya have to do my boy Harry Styles like that?! Buh-BYE.

Sure, these BTS fashion dolls look like Mattel focused more on the fashion than their faces and hair. But let's be real: Mattel had their work cut out for them trying to replicate BTS' immense levels of beauty on mass-produced lumps of plastic. They did their best, y'all!

In any case, it's great for the BTS ARMY (and BTS, duh) that these dolls exist, as they further cement their place in boy band history. It's not every group that gets a set of mediocre-looking dolls, fam. Let's just call it a rite of passage!