Tayshia's brothers on 'The Bachelorette'

Umm, Bachelor Nation Thinks Tayshia's Brother Looks V Similar To 1 Of Her Suitors


The Bachelorette is always full of heat, but Season 16 definitely raised the bar. As Tayshia's journey as the Bachelorette comes to an end, fans are sad to see her go, but excited for her next chapter. Before her happily ever after, however, her final two contestants had to meet her family for their approval — and uh, viewers had thoughts. These tweets about Tayshia's brothers on The Bachelorette show just how enthralled fans are with the rest of the Adams fam.

During the Dec. 22 finale episode, Zac and Ben both got to meet Tayshia's mom and dad, as well as her two brothers. Throughout the season, Tayshia has talked about how much her family means to her, so it was obvious the meeting would be important, not just for the contestants, but for the viewers as well. While her dad played the tough guy and her mom was sweet as can be, it was her brothers, Desmond Jr. and Brice, who really made an impression.

After seeing Tayshia's bros on-screen, viewers quickly realized Desmond Jr. looked like one of Tayshia's recently eliminated contestants, Ivan. The theories quickly started flying, wondering if the likeliness played a part in her decision to send him home (not likely, but interestinggggg).

Regardless of whether fans saw the resemblance between Ivan and Desmond Jr., they definitely noticed that good looks run in the Adams family...

Fans quickly started wondering whether Desmond Jr. was single and if he'd ever consider going on the show himself. While his Instagram is set to private, it looks like he has the support of a very thirsty Bachelor Nation.

And it wasn't just Desmond Jr. who caught fans' attention. Tayshia's much younger brother, Brice, also charmed fans with his adorable personality.

However Tayshia's love story ends, fans are smitten by her adorable family. Fingers crossed Desmond Jr. decides to go on the show so Bachelor Nation can watch another Adams find romance on national television.