Hours before BTS planned to stream Bang Bang Con on YouTube, RM went live on the platform, and these...

RM Crashed YouTube Live, So ARMYs Are Hella Concerned About Bang Bang Con


BTS' concert cancelations due to the coronavirus pandemic aren't stopping them from connecting with fans. In fact, BTS is trying harder than ever to communicate with ARMY online. Although nothing can substitute the experience of a live BTS concert, the group is giving fans the next best thing in the form of a virtual, two-day concert experience. Hours before BTS Bang Bang Con was set to start streaming on YouTube, RM went live on the platform, and these tweets about RM crashing YouTube live all make the same joke about Bang Bang Con.

Fans are used to getting surprise livestreams from BTS, but since the members usually film on VLIVE, they were taken aback when RM began a YouTube live on Friday, April 17. Due to BTS' concert cancelations, RM explained the group thought of ways to still interact with fans virtually, and they came up with streaming on YouTube.

"It's not much, but we want to remain connected in this time, sharing our daily lives and such, so we thought we should share how we're doing and all," RM said, according to a fan translation by @btstranslation7.

As soon as RM went live, fans had problems watching the video since it kept freezing. It's unclear whether it was due to WiFi connection issues, or because of the amount of viewers tuning into the live at once.

Whatever the case, fans became concerned about their ability to watch Bang Bang Con, which is taking place live on YouTube on April 18 and 19. On Twitter, fans joked about the possibility of YouTube crashing again.

Fans even offered the idea to move Bang Bang Con to VLIVE, where BTS usually does their livestreams with millions of viewers watching in real time. Since the event is happening so soon, however, it's too late to move it to another platform.

Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that RM was just having some Wifi issues and everything will go according to schedule when Bang Bang Con kicks off at 12 p.m. KST on April 18 (11 p.m. ET on April 17).

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