Twitter Is So "Joyful, Joyful" Over Lizzo's 'Sister Act' Tribute At The MTV Movie Awards

by Dylan Kickham
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Buena Vista Pictures

The 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards are all about what is happening right now in pop culture, but Lizzo hit all the viewers with one of the most epic throwback jams ever in the middle of her performance. Towards the end of performing her song "Juice" with a gospel choir, Lizzo broke into the famous call-and-response riff from the 1993 Whoopi Goldberg musical comedy Sister Act 2. The moment made a huge impression on fans, and these tweets about Lizzo's Sister Act tribute at the 2019 MTV Movie Awards prove that the little homage was one of the biggest moments of the night.

Halfway through the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Monday night, Lizzo took to the stage to perform her ubiquitous hit song "Juice," only she gave her song a soulful twist. For fans of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, the homage to the Whoopi Goldberg classic was apparent from the very beginning. Like in that movie, the performance started with just one person on stage in choir robes, before Lizzo gets the brilliant idea to tell her backup singers to shed their robes and take to the stage in some '90s-tastic overalls and other throwback style. The moment directly mirrors the finale performance in Sister Act 2, when Whoopi Golberg's Sister Mary Clarence brings her music class to a singing competition.

And the references only kept flowing as Lizzo's show-stopping performance continued. In case anyone in the audience was not clear on the tribute, they definitely were once Lizzo and her choir broke into the most iconic musical moment from Sister Act 2. She led her backup singers in the call-and-response warm-up moment that leads into the movie's big number "Oh Happy Day." In case you forgot that moment or just want to relive it, check out the "Oh Happy Day" performance from Sister Act 2 below.

The tweets immediately began blowing up about Lizzo's Sister Act 2 tribute:

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit is one of the rare movie sequels that many fans consider to be just as good as, or even better than, the original. In the first movie, which came out just one year prior to the sequel in 1992, Whoopi Goldberg introduced her character of a Reno lounge singer who is forced to enter a convent under the name Sister Mary Clarence after being put into the witness protection program. In the follow-up movie, Sister Mary Clarence becomes a music teacher at a Catholic school and inspires her students to find the joy in singing. The movie also starred a young Lauryn Hill, making it a classic for music lovers as well as movie fans.

Clearly, Sister Act 2 also made a huge impact on Lizzo, since she used her full MTV Movie and TV Awards performance to pay tribute to the 1993 musical comedy. And the moment definitely became one of the biggest moments of the night.