The BTS ARMY Is Swooning Over BTS' Live Vocals & Choreo At The VMAs


BTS always attracts the most attention whenever they appear on award shows. With their stylish 'fits, irresistible charm, and mind-blowing performances, it's no wonder millions of fans anticipate their appearances so much. BTS' VMAs performance of "Dynamite" has been one of the most anticipated musical moments of the summer for ARMYs, so when it finally happened on Sunday, Aug. 30, they couldn't help but swoon. These tweets about BTS' VMAs "Dynamite" performance are all about the guys' flawless vocals and epic choreography. Because, make no mistake, they did it all live, y'all.

Fans have been jamming out to "Dynamite" ever since it released on Friday, Aug. 21. ARMYs loved the track so much, they helped "Dynamite" reach the top of the iTunes Songs Charts in over 100 regions. Since it happened just eight hours after the song's release, BTS are the fastest artists to achieve the feat. Additionally, fans watched the "Dynamite" music video over 100 million times in 24 hours, breaking the all-time YouTube record. But the music video only showed small portions of the song's choreography, so fans really couldn't wait to see the choreography in full at the VMAs.

They had every reason to be excited, because BTS slayed their debut VMAs stage. They performed from Korea, but used the power of a green screen to make it look like they were actually dancing in the streets of New York City, where the VMAs took place. Fans were amazed at how unique BTS' performance was and how it referenced a few of their "Dynamite" lyrics when they sing, "Shining through the city with a little funk and soul."

Watch BTS' one-of-a-kind "Dynamite" stage below.

Fans were also over the moon over the guys' incredibly stylish suits, which went perfectly with their old-school "Dynamite" vibe. But, most of all, the fans couldn't believe how flawless the boys' vocals were despite singing live while dancing non-stop.

Check out fans' reactions to seeing BTS perform "Dynamite" live for the first time.

BTS' "Dynamite" performance was definitely one of their best stages, and ARMYs won't ever forget it.