Rumor Has It BTS Will Perform With Lil Nas X At The Grammys & ARMYs Are Hype

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

It's less than a month into 2020 and BTS has already broken the internet on multiple occasions. The group first sent ARMYs into overdrive when they dropped their new single "Black Swan" on Friday, Jan. 17. Then, fans started speculating BTS was practicing for a surprise Grammys performance when they shared photos of them rehearsing choreography for the tune. Now, these tweets about BTS' rumored Grammys performance with Lil Nas X prove ARMYs just don't know what to think.

But first, a recap: BTS stole the show at the 2019 Grammys simply by presenting an award, so, since then, ARMYs have been holding onto the hope that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook would take the stage to perform at the 2020 Grammys as the obvious next step. But when BTS didn't get a 2020 nomination, fans were left disappointed.

Fast forward to Jan. 18, when BTS flew into Los Angeles more than a week before any confirmed performances, reigniting some hope that the boys could be participating in the Grammys. Then, on Jan. 20, BTS uploaded a photo on Instagram that appeared to show them practicing their "Black Swan" choreography in a massive room that looks a lot like the room past Grammys performers rehearsed in. Then, on Jan. 22, Variety reported BTS will take the stage with Lil Nas X to perform his hit song "Old Town Road."

While the news excited some ARMYs, it also caused mass confusion. See, RM is the only member of BTS to collab with Lil Nas X on his "Seoul Town Road" remix of the record-breaking song, so the idea of the rest of BTS performing with them seems unlikely. But it also seems unlikely RM would perform alone for such a historic stage (not that he wouldn't kill it).

Anyway, all this back and forth has fans thoroughly confused. Because, while all signs point to BTS performing... something just seems off. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from being hyped for whatever's going to go down at the Grammys involving BTS.

Check out the tweets below to see what ARMYs are saying:

As you can see, the reactions are all over the place, but the overall consensus is ARMYs are pretty confident BTS will be at the Grammys to perform something. And while ARMYs certainly have their reservations, whatever the boys end up doing on Jan. 26, ARMYs will support it.