Kelly Rowland's appearance in Beyoncé's 'Black Is King' is the Destiny's Child reunion fans loved.

Fans Are Living For Beyoncé & Kelly's Sisterhood In 'Black Is King'


Beyoncé once described her Black Is King visual album as a "passion project," so it's no surprise that those closest to her were featured in the film. Jay-Z and Blue Ivy weren't the only ones who graced the screen when the album debuted on Disney+ on Friday, July 31. Bey's former Destiny's Child bandmate also had a notable role in the film, and these tweets about Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in Black Is King emphasize just how much the Beyhive lived for the moment.

When the one-minute trailer for the visual album dropped on June 28, Rowland made a brief appearance, so fans were on the lookout for how she would be featured in the film. Alongside the trailer, Beyoncé gushed over the importance of Black Is King.

"It was originally filmed as a companion piece to The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack and meant to celebrate the breadth and beauty of Black ancestry," Bey wrote. "I could never have imagined that a year later, all the hard work that went into this production would serve a greater purpose. The events of 2020 have made the film’s vision and message even more relevant, as people across the world embark on a historic journey. We are all in search of safety and light. Many of us want change. I believe that when Black people tell our own stories, we can shift the axis of the world and tell our REAL history of generational wealth and richness of soul that are not told in our history books."

As fans had expected, Rowland's most impactful cameo was in the visuals for the track "Brown Skin Girl." The video featured a particularly emotional scene in which Beyoncé sang to Rowland, and the two ended up smiling and hugging.

Fans were expecting Rowland to show up in the video for "Brown Skin Girl" ever since the song was released as part of The Lion King: The Gift in 2019. Rowland is name-checked in the track along with Naomi Campbell and Lupita Nyong'o, both of whom also have guest appearances in the video.

Probably the most touching part of Rowland's cameo was the fact that she has consistently appeared on Beyoncé's songs and in her videos ever since Destiny's Child broke up in the mid-2000s. Although the two are no longer bandmates, it's clear they have a lasting bond that is still going strong all these years later.