Fans Are Obsessed With Ariana's New 'Positions' Songs, Because They're THAT Good


The deluxe edition of Ariana Grande's Positions album has finally arrived, and fans are soaking it all in on Twitter. The No. 1 thing they were looking forward to about the album was hearing the record's four new songs, so now that they've officially dropped, Arianators are beside themselves. The tweets about Ariana Grande's Positions (Deluxe Edition) album show there's a lot of love for the new tracks.

After releasing the original version in October 2020, Grande announced her deluxe record on Twitter by dropping the tracklist and writing, "Happy February," teasing it would arrive in the following few weeks. She confirmed all the original Positions songs were going to be included, as well as four tracks fans have never heard before. To add to the excitement, she didn't reveal the song titles or the album's release date until Wednesday, Feb. 17, aka, two days before the album's drop on Feb. 19. Those songs turned out to be "Someone Like U (Interlude)," "Test Drive," "Worst Behavior," and "Main Thing."

"Which of the new additions are u claiming?" Grande asked her followers on Twitter, who wasted no time predicting their favorites. Based on the titles alone, Arianators could tell the new songs were going to be just as sexy as the original Positions tracks, which were filled with head-turning lyrics. They were definitely right because the tracks have so many sexual innuendos. Listen to them below.

"someone like u (Interlude)" is the only one that's more romantic than sexy because it's about finally finding "the one." The song, which runs just over a minute long, shows off Grande's gorgeous vocals as she sings, "Mm, I've been waiting for someone like you."

Fans are obviously loving it, but they just wish it was longer!

Meanwhile, "test drive" is about not testing the waters with someone and, instead, just going all the way. "Pull up, pull up on me, ayy-ayy/ Might just recline the seat when I want it/ Give you a set of keys 'cause you own it," Grande sings on the track. "No, I don't feel the need to test drive nothing/ Test drive nothing/ Baby, I'm sold on you."

A lot of fans are claiming it as their favorite song.

"worst behavior" is about falling for someone and causing trouble together. "Said baby it's just in my nature/ To be a little troublеmaker/ So wrong but so right/ Know you really like thе way I/ Taste when we kiss, you reminisce," Grande sings.

Fans are keeping this one on repeat.

Finally, "main thing" is about a casual fling that you want to be something more. "You, oh you're really different, baby (Different, baby)/ You, you might be the main thing, baby," Grande sings.

Fans thought it was the perfect song to close out the album.

These songs deserve music videos, so here's hoping Grande pulls through!