Arianators Are Loving How Ariana Grande Shaded Trump In Her New "Monopoly" Music Video

by Jamie LeeLo
YouTube/Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has done it again, not that anyone should act surprised. Of course this girl was busy crafting a new hit with her bestie Victoria Monét while traveling on her Sweetener tour. Pumping out content is kind of her thing. Monét and Grande's "Monopoly" music video dropped on Monday, April 1, and it is the exact opposite of an April Fool's Day joke, unless you say it in this context: "'Monopoly' is so good it's a joke." These tweets about Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét's "Monopoly" music video show that fans stan for the new bop, as they should. When Queen Ari sings, you listen, and when she brings in one of her besties, you care.

Monet and Grande went wild on Twitter stirring up hype and getting everyone pumped. They had their own candid exchange about when to drop the hit, and officially landed on #MonopoloyMonday, bless them. They decided this was a good date so "7 Rings" could celebrate it's eighth week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart before stealing its attention. The music video dropped at 5 p.m. EST and holds up against Grande's other iconic music videos for songs like "Thank U, Next," "God Is A Woman," and, of course, "7 Rings."

Check this sh*t out:

The video is literally a meme come to life. And, if you pay close attention, at 1:41 in the music video, Grande throws out a series of words: "negativity," "haters," "Trump," and "hell, nah."

I mean... this video is everything.

Fans are not only living for Grande and Monét's epic collaboration, but they can't get enough of this not-so-subtle Trump shade. Check out some of the hilarious tweets.

Part of what makes Grande's current reign so enjoyable is how deserved it feels to her fans. Grande suffered the loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller when he died in September, 2018, and then went through an extremely public breakup to ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. For these and a slew of other reasons, her followers are so happy to see her continue to shine.

Grande regularly attributes her success to her support system, which definitely includes Monet. A week before the release of "Monopoly," Grande shared a video of herself and Monet performing a "vintage" song called "Got Her Own" at one of her Sweetener shows with the caption:

i dunno where i’d be without u but it sure wouldn’t be here n for sure wouldn’t at all be this special or magical. i am so grateful for u. got to perform dis vintage gem with my best friend tonight @victoriamonet. 🌙 you are too lit, too talented and too kind. @tbhits you too. i know you’re all going to spam us with ‘DROP IT NOW’ but there’s a plan ! we promise. patience. oh and we made another one this trip too. you’ll get that one too. at some point. 🖤 i love you. SHE DA CHIIIIICOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. @victoriamonet @sweetener @allthingsmean

Gotta love a bestie who's there to create instant hits with you. Congratulations, Victoria and Ari! And THANK YOU!