You'll Never Look At Hannah Montana The Same After Watching This 'Black Mirror' Trailer


Miley Cyrus' most memorable acting role was as a wig-wearing pop star on Hannah Montana, and now she is returning to her roots for the new season of Black Mirror... except with a dark twist. Yes, Cyrus is going back to her wigs to portray another singing superstar, but she is certainly not getting the best of both worlds this time around. The trailer for Miley Cyrus' Black Mirror episode is basically a twisted, nightmare version of Hannah Montana with a strange Amazon Alexa tie-in.

The Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror Season 5, entitled "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," will be one of the only three episodes that make up the new season. Netflix showed a very brief snippet of Cyrus' role in the Season 5 trailer, but now fans can get a better look in a newly released trailer just for the specific episode. The minute-long trailer centers on Ashley, the pink-wigged pop star played by Cyrus, introducing a new tech product called Ashley Too, which seems to be a digital assistant that offers words of encouragement to Ashley's fans.

But Ashley's life clearly is not as perfect as it seems. Her managers speak vaguely about upping "her dosage," and ominously reach for a live mouse, and Ashley laments the pressures of her fame. It all comes to a head at the end of the trailer, when Ashley seems to be transported into one of her Ashley Too devices. Check out the full trailer for yourself below:

Netflix also released an episode synopsis for "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too," but it does not really help to explain much of what is going on:

A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favorite pop star — whose charmed existence isn’t quite as rosy it appears…

And Miley Cyrus' episode is not the only upcoming Black Mirror episode that fans should be excited about. Netflix also released individual trailers for the other two episodes that will make up Season 5, and they are just as twisted as Miley Cyrus turning into an Amazon assistant device. The trailer for "Smithereens" centers on Andrew Scott (Fleabag) as a taxi driver who becomes embroiled in a dangerous scheme that continues to quickly unravel.

Finally, the trailer for "Striking Vipers" stars Anthony Mackie as a husband who seems to be avoiding his wife for some reason. The episode description reveals that the episode will center on two college friends reuniting later in life, which sets off a chain of events that could alter both of their lives forever.

Fittingly, all three of these Black Mirror Season 5 episode trailers remain very vague as to what each episode will actually be about, since the series is known for its creative world-building and unexpected twists. Thankfully, fans do not have to wait much longer to dig into each of these three new episodes for themselves. Season 5 of Black Mirror will begin streaming on Netflix in just a couple of weeks, on Wednesday, June 5.