The 'This Is Us' Season 4 Episode 3 Promo Introduces Those New Characters

by Ani Bundel

The This Is Us Season 4 premiere was a shock for viewers. It spent nearly the entire hour with an entirely new set of characters, only revealing their connections to the Pearson clan in the final minutes. Episode 2 followed by forgetting about these characters almost completely and focusing back on the show's main characters. But the show isn't about to let these new characters go. The This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 promo promises that the new characters will finally face down to the old characters head on. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

The showrunner for This Is Us warned viewers the third new character introduced in the premiere, Jack Jr., won't be seen for a while yet. But for Cassidy and Malik, who exist in the present day with the Big Three as adults, things begin to intersect.

The episode title is slightly concerning. Season 4 Episode 3 is entitled "Unhinged." But what does it mean? Who among the Big Three will suddenly find themselves spiraling out of control? Or does someone just need a run to Home Depot's hardware section?

The synopsis is thankfully far less dire-sounding that the episode title.

Randall is confronted with a tough choice; Kate and Toby adjust to their new home; Miguel and Jack's friendship solidifies.

And here's the trailer:

The end of Season 4 Episode 2 saw Kevin decide not to take the movie in Chicago. Instead, he got on a plane back to Pennsylvania to visit Uncle Nicky. For those fans who assumed Cassidy and Kevin were on a collision course to meet after the scene at the VA, the trailer confirms that theory. It's not quite the meet-cute of Deja and Malik at the barbeque, but for two wounded addicts, it's a tentative hello.

Speaking of Deja and Malik, the flirt-fest started at the end of Episode 2 after Deja snapped a picture of Malik outside his dad's garage. There's not much to go on as to how things are going at school in this trailer. But that phone call at the end is telling. Viewers know Malik's got a secret at home, a baby daughter, whose mother is nowhere to be seen. He's worried that the rumor mill is already filling Deja in on what happened before he can get out in front with his own messaging.


As for the rest of the trailer, it looks like Deja and Tess' first day at a new school will be juxtaposed against memories of Randall's first day of middle school. Also, Toby's secret evening gym activities are going to get harder and harder to hide as he gets fitter and Kate does not.

But the synopsis promises one more thing that's not in the trailer: a return to the early 1970s. The season premiere gave fans a first look at when Jack met Miguel over a sport coat for dinner with Rebecca's parents. The synopsis suggests the two will meet again in the next episode, and it's going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.