Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer Is Now An Eyeshadow Palette & Fans Are Freaking Out

by Kim Carpluk

After a mere two years of existence, Tarte's Shape Tape concealer is already iconic. TBH it should be on display in The Met Museum, or the MoMA at the very least. Since its release in 2016, it's become a cult-favorite concealer amongst YouTube beauty gurus, celebrities, and makeup mavens alike. Now, Tarte's Shape Tape Eyeshadow Palette has been released, so you can finally experiencing the joys of Shape Taping the heck out of your entire face and existence. If you're going to put in the effort to conceal those telltale bags, you might as well snatch yourself fully from the under-eyes up.

Following quickly on the heels of the viral Shape Tape Foundation rumors, Tarte has officially released the the new Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette ($32; to Ulta stores and the brand's website, as well as the Tarte Cosmetics site, of course. In true Tarte fashion, the palette features powders for both face and eyes. The two larger pans, Flex and Slim, act as highlight and contour respectively. The six smaller pans contain the eyeshadows. There are three matte shadows to contour and lift the crease of the eye, and three shimmery shades to add brightness and maximize the space on the lid. The goal of the palette is to snatch and enhance the shape of the eye, pretty much like highlight and contour for the eye socket.


All of the shade names are cheeky references to illicit thoughts of exercise and toning up, which is inspiring or problematic, depending on your views of physical activity. I personally am a couch potato that embraces her curvy body, but the gym-based names like "Trainer,' "Cardio," and "Slim" don't bother me.

The eyeshadow colors in the palette are warm in tone and would fit a wide variety of skin tones. The hues give the palette a Tartlette Toasted ($46; vibe. The highlight and contour, however, are more geared toward light to medium skin tones, which is always the problem when you place complexion powders in a shadow palette.

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, $46, Tarte Cosmetics | Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette, $32, Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte's devoted stans have already taken to the internet to post their passionate responses to the palette's release.

This first Twitter user was so excited SHE COULDN'T HELP BUT SCREAM HER RESPONSE and put her dangerously low bank account at risk.

This next Tarte stan put out feelers to see who would be interested in purchasing the palette for her, which is the smart way to do it TBH.

"Holy Shape Balls," Batman, this palette is beautiful in the eyes of this beauty lover.

This beauty connoisseur already took the plunge and ordered the palette for herself. She is on it.

Now, not all of Tarte's devoted fans were positively shooketh by the new eyeshadow palette launch. Some Twitter users expressed that the shadows look similar to those that Tarte has launched in the past.

Natural tones will always be popular because the vast majority of the population prefers something a little more subtle. Of course, as beauty lovers, we often crave something new and different to add to our extensive makeup collections.

This Twitter user lovingly pointed out that not all Tarte's fan base would be able to use the highlight and contour as actual highlight and contour, which is valid.

This final Twitter user was just... unimpressed.

However, the initial response has been overwhelming excitement, due to the beloved Shape Tape franchise. While there are currently only a few reviews, the product has a full five star rating, so the early guinea pigs are loving it. If you're itching to buy it, don't wait for long, because it could sell out. Click on over to Ulta Beauty's website or make the trek to test it out in-store yourself.

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, $46, Tarte Cosmetics | Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette, $32, Tarte Cosmetics