The Summer Bucket List Every College Grad Needs To Complete Before Working Forever

Congratulations are in order, because you are officially a college grad. You've worked extremely hard over the past four years, and now comes the time to step into adulthood, waving that degree proudly in the air. As excited as you are to become a total #GirlBoss in the working world, you need to take advantage of this one last totally carefree summer. It's your chance to really live it up and do anything your heart desires, especially everything on this summer bucket list for college grads.

This time next year, you'll hopefully be crushing it working at your dream job. Sure, it'll be great to be on the path you always wanted to be on, but you'll be missing out on all of that beautiful free time you had when you weren't working. Plus, with the warm weather and sunshine, the summer is the perfect time to draft up a bucket list of new things to do.

Use your college grad time to go to the beach, travel somewhere tropical, sleep in as long as you'd like, and spend time with friends and family. Make this the best summer yet, so you'll remember it for years to come, and add these 15 things to your summer bucket list right now.

Travel To Your Dream Destination Overseas

This is the summer to travel. Use that extra graduation money to finally go where your heart's been dreaming of going for years. Tokyo, Paris, London — they're all calling your name, so finally pick up and jet off to dreamland.

Rent A Beach House For A Girls' Weekend Away

The beach is the place to be with the summer heat and ocean breeze. Take your best girlfriends to the shore by renting a beach house that is literally steps away from the water. Spend your days basking in the sun, and your nights stargazing on the beach while dancing at a local tiki bar.

Go Shopping For Your New Apartment With Your Parents

Take a moment to spend some quality time with your parents this summer. You'll need to get the essentials for your new apartment anyway, so plan a day to go on a shopping spree. Not only will you love the time with them, but they are the perfect resources to tell you what to expect with adulthood.

Plan A Photoshoot With Your Squad

You'll want to remember this summer forever, so it's the perfect excuse to plan a photoshoot with your besties. Maybe take it to the beach for some jumping pics, or wear your favorite sundresses while posing on the pier. Then, use the pics to decorate your cubicle when you finally do start working.

Sleep In Every Chance You Get

Sleep in as much as possible. You'll miss it when you have to wake up early AF every day for your job. Nothing feels better than waking up refreshed and on your own without the horrid sounds of your alarm clock.

Go Glamping With Your Besties
Diane Durongpisitkul/Stocksy

Camping is always a good idea for your summer bucket list, but this time, take it up a notch by going glamping. If you're heading out to Joshua Tree this summer, rent out this cute glamping tent for you and your friends. You're becoming one with nature, but in style.

Make A Summer Reading List, And Finish It

With so much time on your hands, you can finally dive into your summer reading list. Though, this list isn't made by a professor — this is a list curated by you with your taste in mind. Add some juicy rom-coms, a horror story or two, and some funny autobiographies to your summer reading list. Then, create the perfect reading nook at home so you can check off every single one.

Get Flirty With Your Crush For A Potential Summer Fling

The summer is a perfect time to embrace a romantic fling that's been in the works. Get flirty with your crush by sending them some gifs, and inviting them to join you on some of these bucket list adventures. Stop letting your fears take over, and just go for it.

Attend A Music Festival With Your BFF

Music festivals are great for any summer bucket list, but now is the time to travel to the one you've been longing to see. Take your ride or die along with you, because she is the only person you want to be dancing with when your favorite songs come on. It's like a two-for-one, a bestie trip and once-in-a-lifetime concert.

Get Nostalgic At "The Happiest Place On Earth"

Embrace the carefree vibes and get super nostalgic at "The Happiest place on Earth," aka Disney. Pack your Mickey ears and fanny pack for a vacay you'll remember forever. You can't go wrong with a churro in one hand and Mickey ice cream in the other posing for the 'Gram.

Hit The Road To Somewhere New

Summer and road trips go together like lemonade and a hot day. Get your favorite songs together on one playlist, pick a destination, and hop in the car. Even if it's just a quick trip out of town for the weekend, or you're heading to the other side of the country, a road trip is a summer necessity.

Party One Day From Sunrise To Sunset

Make a plan to spend one day partying with the sun. Start your day at the beach to watch the sunrise with your best friends. Then, spend the rest of the day doing fun things around town, and end it where you started to watch the sunset.

Watch Your Favorite Movie Outdoors Under The Stars

Going to an outdoor movie is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. There's just something about watching a movie with a bunch of friends, picnic food, and cozy blankets. Make your own outdoor movie screening with a projector in your backyard, and don't forget the popcorn.

Take A Video Every Day To Document The Whole Thing
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Take a 10-second video every day of something fun you did. Then, at the end of the summer, edit it all together. This way, you'll always remember your epic college grad summer. It'll also ensure that each day you're making it count.

Visit Your Best Friend Who You Haven't Seen In Awhile

Maybe you haven't seen your best friend since high school because you both went to different schools. Now is the time to travel to them. No matter what you do, you'll have the best time catching up and laughing at all of the inside jokes you have together that never get old.