"Squirt Gun" Hair Is The Latest Trend For Anyone Who Can't Decide On One Hair Color

When there's a particular hair trend or hairstyle that I fall in love with but am too nervous to try on my own locks, stalking others on Instagram who gave it a shot is my ultimate coping mechanism. This time around, I can't stop scrolling through images of the squirt gun hair trend, which is seriously taking over the internet, one dye job at a time.

According to PopSugar, hairstylist duo slash husband and wife Andrew and Kat Collett are the originators of this bold technique, which literally involves loading water guns with colorful dye and squirting them at the hair to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The duo calls the approach "splash kaleidescope" hair, which is so very poetic, and when you see the images themselves, you'll understand why the trend is worthy of such a dreamy name. Since the couple posted the look to Instagram, tons of other stylists have given squirt guns a shot, and while the results are not for the faint of heart, they're ideal for any bold beauty lovers craving particularly eye-catching, colorful dye jobs.

The more colors involved and freedom given to the stylist, the more vibrant and beautiful the results:

The process is almost as mesmerizing to look at as the finished prouct, TBH:

For reference, here's a standard (also gorgeous!) rainbow dye job by stylist Kat Collett:

And here's a splash kaleidescope rainbow hair look she made with her partner, Andrew Collett, using the squirt guns:

Both stunning, but there's something so unique about the squirt gun technique. The look is obviously more irregular and spotty, but it looks intentional, not sloppy, so it totally works.

"Never tell an artist how they must create, just let it be art," wrote Kat Collett on Instagram. Well said:

If you want my personal opinion, I especially love how this look pops against dark hair. Something about a brunette base really helps the colors blend in a still separated, but more melted way, and I'm obsessed.

BRB while I try to convince my brunette sister to let me go ham with some squirt guns on her strands:

If you want the Colletts to create a one-of-a-kind splash kaelidescope masterpiece on your strands, you'll have to head to their co-owned salon, With Love Salon in Kansas City. If, like me, you're too scared to rock this look yourself but could stare at it for hours, you should know my fave hairstylist-turned-Youtuber, Brad Mondo gave the process a go on his channel, and showed just how complex and difficult an approach it really is. It might look like fun and games, people, but this technique takes skills!

Mondo always tries out viral dying techniques on his channel, so he had to try squirt gun hair, of course:

Brad Mondo/Youtube

"It's definitely an abstract piece," Mondo jokes about his results, which are far better than I could do, but admittedly weren't quite Collett-level:

Brad Mondo/Youtube

Mondo and his twin brother did each take one side of the hair, which might explain why their results weren't as seamless, but according to the Colletts accounts, they often collaborate with one another on these creations, so maybe it's more of a practice-makes-perfect kind of thing! Either way, I couldn't be more obsessed with this unique approach. Where creativity blooms, great beauty looks are created, so hats off to these incredible stylists for trying (and succeeding at) something new.