Awkward, Prince Harry's IG Story Featured A Song With Lyrics About Leaving The Country

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Royal fans have eagerly been waiting Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's next move since they shared plans to step back as senior royals. Luckily for them, Harry and Meghan's team has been active on social media, sharing pictures and videos from their recent engagements. However, the song on Prince Harry's Instagram story about his first post-announcement appearance at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, Jan. 16, got people talking.

One week after Harry and Meghan made their announcement about their future plans, which included their decision to split time between the U.K. and North America, Prince Harry stepped out to launch the 2021 Rugby World Cup.

In the background of the footage of Harry at the event, the Stone Roses' song "This Is The One" played. While it seemed harmless to some, other royal fans noted that lyrics in the song go, "I'd like to leave the country/ For a month of Sundays/ Burn the town where I was born," and speculated it was a pointed expression of his feelings.

Even though those specific lyrics were not featured in the video, that didn't stop people from reading into them and assuming they reflected the Prince's feelings. After all, Instagram is where Harry and Meghan announced their big plans for the future, so all eyes have been glued to their page in hopes they'll share more.

The Daily Mail reports that, according to Buckingham Palace officials, Harry and members of his royal team had no part in choosing the song, and the decision belonged to Rugby World Cup organizers. Makes total sense. Buckingham Palace did not respond to Elite Daily's request for further comment.

Harry was in good spirits during the event, even laughing off questions about his and Meghan's future, according to The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews.

"Prince Harry ignored questions from the media in BP garden about how discussions are progressing on his and Meghan’s future," Andrews tweeted. "He had his back to the media but apparently laughed when the first question was asked. He’s still got his sense of humour!"

Royal fans can count on Harry and Meghan to continue to share pictures and videos on their Instagram page, but they'll likely pay closer attention to the songs that go up on their social media in the future.