The Sleep Hack You Should Try In 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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As we kick 2017 to the curb, reflecting on the past year and the improvements we'd ideally like to make going into 2018 is the obvious next step. Personally, I think millennials have made great strides toward accepting and loving our bodies the way they deserve to be accepted and loved, so hopefully, we'll see more resolutions that focus on mental and physical health, as opposed to aesthetics. If you feel healthy, if you feel strong in all aspects of the word, you'll feel amazing, which is why narrowing down the sleep hack you should try in 2018 is so important.

The quality of your sleep and how much snooze time you're able to clock in each night has a direct effect on everything, both physically and mentally. How well you sleep translates to how well you'll function, and sleep deprivation can play a role in appetite, blood sugar levels, muscle repair, sex drive, and more. Basically, it's essential to create a sleep-friendly environment and come up with some kind of bedtime ritual that helps you wind down for the evening and feel peaceful enough for some restful shut-eye.

Of course, everybody and every body is unique, and our personality traits contribute to how we operate day in and day out. Now, whether or not you believe who you are has anything to do with astrology, sometimes the stars align with our characters. Even if it seems a little silly, it's fun to experiment with rituals based on what our zodiac symbol says suits us best, and in 2018, your best night's sleep could be directly related to your sign. Here's the sleep hack you absolutely need to try in the new year, according to your zodiac sign.

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The Spontaneous Sagittarius Needs A Little More Structure


As a Sagittarius, you loathe routine and live for spontaneity, but if the goal for 2018 is to improve your quality of sleep, creating a schedule for yourself might not be such a bad idea.

For starters, assign yourself a bedtime, then figure out what sort of rituals you can practice on a regular basis to wind you down, body and soul, before drifting off to sleep.

Capricorns Should Stop Answering Emails In Bed


Because smartphones make it possible to be connected socially and professionally 24/7, it’s hard for anyone to actually unplug for the night. It’s especially a struggle for you, Capricorn, seeing as how you’re the business woman of the zodiac.

Do yourself a favor and invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock. That way, you can keep your cell in the next room overnight to make sure you don’t wake up to email notifications in the middle of the night.  

Aries Will Pass Right Out After A Good Yoga Practice


Based on your sign’s energetic nature, I’m willing to bet you’ve been compared to that pink bunny with the drum at least once or twice, Aries. Your enthusiasm for life is wonderful, of course, but you could benefit from channeling that vigor into something physical to get your mind and body relaxed before bed.

Since you thoroughly enjoy being on-the-go, doing gentle exercises like yoga before bed will feel productive and relax your physical body.

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A Pisces Gal Should Treat Herself To A Little TLC


A Pisces peep likes to be wined and dined, but you don’t have to wait for date night to feel special. I’m all for a little TLC every night before bed myself, but this is definitely the perfect way for this water sign to lull themselves to sleep — whether that means indulging in a lengthy skincare routine with deliciously fragranced cleansers, sheet or mud masks, or whisking yourself a mug full of moon milk to sip on in a bubble bath.

Scorpios Snooze Best After Some Journaling


Scorpios can be a little, well, high-strung. Speaking as a Scorpio myself, we tend to harp on the negative so much that the downs of life overshadow the ups, causing us to overanalyze, stress, and therefore have difficulty sleeping peacefully.

Every night before bed, make a list of all the positive things that happened in your day in a journal. It can be as minuscule as stopping for your favorite coffee on your way into work, or reading an interesting article. You can also use this time to flush out pressing thoughts that might be clouding your brain, so that when it’s time to fall asleep, everything is put into perspective.

Taurus Should Make A Bedtime Playlist


As a Taurus, you are likely two things: level-headed and down-to-earth. But you can also be easily set off.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, listening to music has been proven to “help people with sleep disorders by boosting sleep quality and quantity” over time. So, in order to keep you cool, calm, and collected before bed, try closing your eyes to the sounds of classical music to lull you to sleep.

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Geminis Should Remove All Distractions From The Bedroom


You love the spotlight, Gemini, but at the same time, you’re easily distracted by bright lights, whether they're coming from your cell phone buzzing with texts, emails, social media notifications, or even an alarm clock with blaring rays. All of these things are not only keeping you from staying on-task, they're probably messing with your sleep cycle, too.

Aside from finding a spot for your cell where it won’t interrupt your snooze, invest in an alarm clock that is either low-lit, or is designed to mimic the rise and fall of the sun.

Cancers Should Sip On Moon Milk Before Bed

Cancers are the zodiac caretakers, and while you’re probably the type of person to look after the well-being of your family and friends, it’s equally, if not more important, to look after yourself. Of course, you could always resort to spa-like treatments to keep your skin healthy, but in 2018, we’re thinking it’s high time you took TLC to the next level by tapping into your foodie side.

I’ll be the first to admit this: Some Instagram trends are just a bunch of bull, but moon milk recipes are a holistically heaven-sent fad that I am so here for. Full of spices like cinnamon and turmeric with the added benefits of adaptogens that promote mental wellness, I can honestly say from experience that any pretty mug of the stuff will have you feeling ultra zen and dozing off in no time.

Meditation Will Lull A Virgo To Sleep In No Time


You are way too critical of yourself, Virgo, and nighttime is the quintessential moment of the day for unwarranted thoughts to flow in and out of your mind. You know the saying, “never go to bed angry?” Well, you should never go to bed self-loathing, either.

Allot yourself five or 10 minutes a night to internally reflect. Focus on your breathing, and honor your thoughts. If freestyle meditation feels awkward, try downloading an app like Headspace or Stop, Breathe & Think.

Oftentimes we are our worst critics, but the important thing is to not let these toxic thoughts get the better of us. Let them flow, then let them go. There will be nothing to toss and turn about if you do.

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Aquarians Should Read A Book Instead Of Scrolling Through Instagram


Aquarians are open-minded and much more adventurous than other zodiac signs, but news flash, A: You’re not learning anything new from scrolling through your social feeds before bed. In fact, the blue light emitting from this technology is probably what’s keeping you from high-quality sleep.

Trust me, I get that you're curious, but your adventurous soul and tired body will benefit from putting the phone aside and picking up a novel instead. You’ll lose yourself in the grandiose stories of this and that character, while your brain power works to keep your eyes moving from one page to the next, tiring you out, and causing you to feel sleepy, faster.

Libras Need To Get Hot And Heavy Before Bed


Libras love to love and live for intimacy and, luckily for this air sign, getting hot and heavy before bed has been proven to enhance sleep quality. Oh, la la!

This isn’t me being a goof, either. CNN reports that a study evaluating the correlation between sleep and sex in college students found students with higher sexual desires slept more and felt sexier during their awake hours. Everything you could ever hope for, right Libra?

Leos Should Make A To-Do List For The Morning


You have a knack for organization, Leo, with an insatiable need to be in control. You love routine, and you always play by the rules, which means the idea of having a day ahead of you without a hint of structure is a surefire way to rob you of sleep.

Don't keep yourself up at night thinking over the details of the next day. Instead of leaving things up to chance and circumstance, make it a point to jot down things you need to do the following day, from minor details (like making your bed) to the big stuff (like that office presentation).

Sleep tight!

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