The Sexy Holiday Gift Your Partner Will Love, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Tango / Firebox

Ahh, winter. 'Tis the season when showing appreciation for loved ones is highly encouraged and indulgence in all forms is celebrated. No matter what winter holiday has your heart feeling full this season, chances are, gift giving is in order. Naturally, when it comes to buying something for your partner, you want to nail it. That's why a sexy holiday gift for your SO is the way to go if you're looking for something with an extra dash of sensual seasonal spice. (Say that five times fast.)

Chances are, you've probably bought a gift for everyone in your family and then some, so if you're stumped on what sexy surprise you should get your lover, don't freak. Take their astrological background into consideration and you're already half way there. Your partner's birth chart, sun sign (the sign ruling their personality), moon sign (the sign ruling their emotions), and Venus sign (the sign ruling how they love), can give you tons of useful information about what gifts will absolutely make their holiday, especially if you're trying to appeal to their naughty side. Here are some sensuous gifts you can pick up for your partner this holiday season, based on their zodiac sign.

Sagittarius: A Kit To Spice Up Their Travel Plans

If your Sagittarius partner isn't traveling for the holidays, they've probably dreamt up a few bae-cations for the new year. This Dame Products travel kit with lube, condoms, a mini vibrator, and socks will make banging on vacation smooth sailing.

Capricorn: A Thoughtful & Luxurious Set

As one of the hardest working signs, Capricorn could really use some rest and relaxation. Nox Shop's set features a glass dildo, lube, and a mood-setting candle — three gifts that can help your Cap partner unwind.

Aquarius: Something Quirky & Provocative

Aquarians are known for having unique tastes. A sexy holiday gift that's a bit off the beaten path is this whimsical dildo from LuzArte. It's especially nice for vagina-owners because it's actually shaped like the inside of a vagina, instead of a penis.

Pisces: A Kit To Help Them Deep-Dive Into Their Sexuality

When it comes to art, vulnerability, and relationships, Pisceans go all in. The Tease kit from Tango, which includes scent diffusers, a naughty love note set, restraints, nipple clamps, and a soft whip, is an ideal way to help your Pisces bae indulge in the sexy pleasure they love.

Aries: A Gift For Their Inner Daredevil

You'd be hard-pressed to find an Aries who doesn't love a challenge. Get your partner's blood pumping and competitive streak flying with this kinky "truth or dare" game.

Taurus: Spreadable Wine, Of Course

As Firebox points out on its website, "mulled wine is too good to remain a mere liquid." What says "sexy" to Taurus like bougie drinks and decadent spices?

Gemini: A 'Fit That's Impossible To Ignore

This Savage x Fenty jumpsuit (or any other lavish clothes you want to get your Gemini partner) will satisfy their need to be the center of attention, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Leo: Pasties That Jingle Their Bells

There's a good chance your Leo partner will be hitting up all kinds of holiday house parties or themed bar crawls this season. These bell pasties from Savage x Fenty are a festive way for your SO to draw attention to themselves and sleigh their look.

Virgo: The Gift Of Knowledge

Virgos love learning new things, and that extends into the bedroom. Presenting your Virgo partner with a book about sex and bondage is a win-win when they put that knowledge to good use.

Libra: A Wearable Sex Toy

Anything that combines fashion and sex is a Libra's dream. This bullet vibrator from Crave can be a chic reminder of all the titillating things the two of you get up to in the bedroom.

Scorpio: A Place For Sexy Dreams & Exploration

Nothing is sexier to a Scorpio than the chance to explore and indulge in their deepest, darkest desires. Apart from writing down their dreams and feelings, your Scorpio partner might also be inclined to write down a sexy fantasy or two in this velvety Urban Outfitters zodiac sign journal.

No matter what holiday you and your partner celebrate this season, these sexy gifts based on their sign are proof that giving is just as good as receiving.