This Is The Sex Dream You'll Have Tonight, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Many believe that dreams are a meaningless result of random brain activity, while others insist that they're secret messages from our subconscious minds. Although no one can say for sure, we've all likely had the experience of waking up and remembering a wild sex dream. Maybe it was a hot sesh with your crush in an exotic locale, or a quickie with a celebrity in your parents' bed. Sex dreams can be super weird, yes, but anticipating the sex dream you'll have tonight based on your Myers-Briggs personality type can be a fun way to explore how the themes in your waking life translate to the dream world. When discussing sex dreams, it's always good to remind ourselves that they're a totally normal and natural thing, regardless of how bizarre they may seem.

"The important thing to remember about sex dreams is that they aren't necessarily about a physical union you want but rather a psychological union you need," professional dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg told Elite Daily. If you're wondering what your personality type might prompt you to dream about, then I've totally got you covered. Based on your Myers-Briggs personality type, here are some examples of dream themes that could pop up in the future, if they haven't already.

INTJ (“The Architect”): Seducing Someone

As their moniker implies, Architects like to analyze and plan, so it comes as little surprise that these folks might find themselves dreaming about elaborately seducing someone. And because dreams often have a way of letting different aspects of life bleed into one another, there's a good chance you could end up seducing someone who you probably wouldn't come on to in real life.

ENTJ (“The Commander”): Dominating

You guessed it: The Commander gets off on being large and in charge. That said, don't be alarmed if you end up dominating a real-life authority in dreamland — for example, a boss. It happens to the best of us.

ENTP (“The Debater”): Voyeurism

Due to their thirst for mental stimulation, The Debater is someone who usually has an immense curiosity about every aspect of life. This curiosity can also make them a bit voyeuristic. It's not hard to believe that these types may have sensual dreams in which they watch other people have sex, as opposed to engaging in it themselves.

INFJ (“The Advocate”): Getting Kinky

Advocates are often known for seeing the world through a very idyllic lens. This sometimes means they can be very straight-laced and struggle to let loose. Since dreams often invert reality, don't be alarmed if your dreams are kinky AF. After all, no one can behave 100 percent of the time. Remember: In dreamworld, being blindfolded and seduced by someone "off limits" is totally fine.

INFP (“The Mediator”): A Romantic Romp

The Mediator loves beauty and balance. It only makes sense that their eye for beauty and poeticism carries over into their dreams. There's a pretty decent chance this type might find themselves on the beach romantically making love to their fave celeb. And TBH, that sounds like a lit sex dream IMO.

ENFJ (“The Protagonist”): A Fairytale

The Protagonist can't help but feel like it's their personal duty to save the day. They'll probably end up in a steamy dream scenario, rescuing a damsel and making sweet love to them. Yes, please!

ENFP (“The Campaigner”):

The Campaigner isn't afraid to step out-of-the-box. We all know dreams are often unbelievably over the top, which is why these imaginative folks will have some pretty off-the-wall dream narratives. This personality type can expect sex dreams set in particularly grand locations, like on top of an Egyptian Pyramid or in the Amazon. What's more out-of-the-box than that?

ISTJ (“The Logistician”):

The Logistician, similar to The Advocate, can be very analytical. This tendency to follow a somewhat-predictable thought pattern means that their sex dreams might be shockingly realistic. Don't be surprised if your sex dream involves a real person you've had sex with, in a not-super-surprising way.

ISFJ (“The Defender”):

The Defender is known for putting others before themselves. These giving baes shouldn't be surprised if they have sex dreams in which they are pleasuring someone else.

ESTJ (“The Executive”):

Just like a business executive, this is another type that tends to gravitate toward power roles. In a nutshell, The Executive doesn't mind giving instructions. This desire to lead and delegate might translate to dreaming of a phone sex scenario in which they're telling someone all the scandalous things they would do to their body.

ESFJ (“The Consul”):

The Consul just can't seem to let go of their willingness and desire to please. These people pleasers often do whatever it takes to ensure their partner gets off. In dreamworld, this might even mean sexing someone up in a shockingly public setting.

ISTP (“The Virtuoso”):

The Virtuoso has an affinity for instruments of all kinds. For this type, it's definitely not too far-fetched to imagine them dreaming up some sex scenarios with out-of-the-box elements. If your next sex dream includes masturbating with something random, like a remote control, then you're definitely an ISTP.

ISFP (“The Adventurer”):

The Adventurer loves to take the road less traveled in the hopes that it will lead to some exciting new experiences. No stranger to dreams involving long journeys or quests, even sexual themes may present themselves against the backdrop of an action-packed exploration. For example, dreaming of a hookup on a plane.

ESTP (“The Entrepreneur”):

The Entrepreneur is known for being street smart and industrious. Don't be shocked if you end up dreaming about owning a giant mansion where you throw lavish orgies, because you're a boss like that.

ESFP (“The Entertainer”):

The Entertainer often enjoys being at the center of attention, so needless to say, they're probably a bit more prone to dreaming up situations that involve being on display. Don't freak if you can't stop dreaming about starring in a sex tape.

INTP (“The Logician”):

In waking life, The Logician is a quick intellectual. As a type that can often get stuck in their own head, dream life may definitely include some role-play.

It's true: Sex dreams can cause people to worry about what's going on in their psyche. But don't freak, because no matter how bizarre, dreams are a natural part of being a human. All you can do is enjoy them for what they are: a sexy, fun, super-hot good time.

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