The Royal Family's Christmas Body Language Shows A Clue Into That Rumored Feud

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Every Christmas is beautiful, but this holiday season is extra special for the British royal family. A lot has happened since last December: Prince William and Kate Middleton had their third child, the delightfully adorable Prince Louis, in April; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in an unforgettable ceremony in May; and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced in October that they'll be expecting their first child in the spring. The royal family's body language on Christmas 2018 while walking to church services in Sandringham represents all those changes and more, according to body language experts Susan Constantine and Traci Brown.

Like any other family in the world, a little bit of tension during the holidays is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Earlier this month, in response to a Dec. 1 story by The Sun that alleged a fight between the duchesses prior to Harry and Meghan's wedding over Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dress, Buckingham Palace released a statement knocking down that rumor. According to The Mirror, the Palace's statement read: "This never happened." (Elite Daily has reached out to the Palace for comment.)

To get a better sense of how these potential factors impact the royal family's dynamics this Christmas, Constantine and Brown break down the clues hidden within these festive photos, and what they find is fascinating.

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First and foremost, the royals' body language completely busts the rumor that there's any feud whatsoever.

"I’m going on record to say that there is no feud," Brown tells Elite Daily. "They may have had a disagreement at the wedding (what bride doesn’t have that?) and there is for sure a learning curve on how to be a royal for Meghan. But I see no evidence of any kind of disagreement that’s lasting, and no leaks in the body language anywhere on Christmas or any other pics I’ve seen since the wedding. So let’s get back to focusing on the truth about this fun-to-watch family."

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The physical interaction between the two sisters-in-law should be read as a sign of affection. "It appears Kate is getting cozier with Meghan," Constantine tells Elite Daily. "Kate is quite independent and seems to be enjoying be out front and forward without William." A duchess of the people, Kate seems eager to greet those around her, feeling forward and strong without her husband in tow.

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Meanwhile, Prince Charles' presence staggered slightly in front of his sons and daughters-in-law should be read as no accident. According to Brown, it's a sign that he's owning his spot as the future king.

"See how Charles is walking just a bit in front of everyone?" she points out. "That’s his spot as the future king. The Fab Four is showing they’re a tight unit behind him."

Again, Brown spots no clues pointing toward tension here. "No feud, no discord," she notes.

While any family — much less one in the royal spotlight — might understandably need some time to adjust to their new major life changes, it appears the royal family was cool, calm, and collected on Christmas Day.

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