Next Week's 'Riverdale' Promo Has Everyone Worried About Cheryl & Jughead

by Dylan Kickham

The big reveal that Riverdale fans have waited all season for finally happened at the end of this week's musical episode, and now we are finally going to get some real answers about The Farm. But those answers might come at a really scary cost. The Riverdale Season 3 Episode 17 promo teaser has all of the fans super worried about Cheryl possibly joining The Farm and Jughead possibly dying.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16, "Big Fun." After Edgar Evernever's surprise appearance at the end of this Wednesday's musical episode, Riverdale fans are more ready than ever to dive deeper into the mystery of The Farm. And thankfully, next week's new episode is entitled "The Master," teasing that it will be all about Edgar.

Of course, getting close to the cult leader infiltrating Riverdale comes at a scary price, though. The sneak peek at next week's new episode is a pretty alarming one — it looks like Cheryl Blossom might fall for Edgar's charms and join The Farm herself. And Jughead is in trouble as well, as one shot of the teaser trailer shows Kurtz throwing both Jughead and himself out of a window.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

It definitely looks like next week's new episode will be a bombshell, so let's break down everything going on in that teaser. Things look dicey for Cheryl as she gets close to Edgar Evernever, but thankfully, the synopsis for the new episode reveals that Cheryl is working with Betty to try to infiltrate The Farm:

As Betty enlists Cheryl’s help to infiltrate The Farm, Archie and Veronica help an ally from his past. Meanwhile, Jughead’s attempt to put a stop to Riverdale’s drug trade puts him on a collision course with Gladys. Finally, Hiram breaks some surprising news to Veronica.

That is still no guarantee that Cheryl won't fall for Edgar Evernever's charms, though. The Farm has been upping its recruitment in recent weeks, having added Alice, Kevin, Fangs, and even Principal Weatherbee to its ranks, and Edgar's introduction of slow clapping with a horde of his followers at the end of Heathers: The Musical showed just how scarily powerful he is. We will just have to hope that Cheryl will not find herself in one of the cult's deadly initiation rituals.

The teaser also reveals the return of Archie's prison BFF Mad Dog, who seems to be the "ally from the past" that the synopsis says Archie and Veronica will be helping. Archie promises Mad Dog that he will take down the Gargoyle Gang, and we see that he teams up with Jughead to do it. Things don't go well for Jughead, though, it seems. The promo shows Jughead catching the Gargoyle Gang's leader Kurtz, but Kurtz kicks himself out of a window as Jughead holds on, saying that he is ready to ascend.

And while all of this is going on, the Lodge family is embroiled in a deadly drama of their own. Hiram and Hermione separated on bad terms this week, and in true Hiram form, it looks like he will be threatening to kill Hermione in next week's new episode.

Riverdale's next episode, "The Master," will air on the CW on Wednesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. ET.