One Confusing 'Riverdale' Scene Has Everyone Asking The Same Question About Kevin & Fangs


The weirdness hit a new high on Riverdale this week, and not only because everyone was singing the whole time. While the whole cast was performing Heathers: The Musical in this season's musical episode, The Farm was getting stronger than ever. And one of The Farm's strange initiation rituals has fans asking a pretty shocking question: Did Kevin and Fangs get married on Riverdale? Let's see if we can figure out that weird and confusing scene.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16, "Big Fun." As usual, there was a lot more to Riverdale High's production of Heathers: The Musical than a normal school musical. While the musical was going down, Jughead was tracking down his mom's drug lab, Veronica was dealing with her parents' sudden separation, and Cheryl was lashing out at Toni after their breakup. But Betty was the one witnessing the creepy undercurrent of the school musical. Things already seemed weird enough when The Farm was revealed to be sponsoring the musical, and they just kept getting weirder after the newly converted Kevin announced that Evelyn Evernever would be his co-director.

Almost immediately, Betty was suspicious that Evelyn was using the musical rehearsals as a way to convert her fellow students into new Farm members, and decided to spy on her when she invited only a select few people to a rehearsal at the former Sisters of Quiet Mercy. That's where Betty saw Evelyn standing over Kevin and Fangs while the two performed a strange ritual while surrounding by Farmies sitting in pews.


And the religious-looking ceremony concluded in Kevin and Fangs kissing one another.


So, ummm.... what is going on here? At first, it just looked like this was an initiation ceremony for Fangs to join The Farm (which in itself is a shock, since he's been totally separate from The Farm stuff up until this point), but the ceremony ended up seeming way more intimate than any Farm initiation we've seen before. Alice Cooper had to be dunked in a tub of water, and Kevin had to run across burning coals. Why would Fangs' initiation involve Kevin so intimately unless there was more to it?

The set-up of the ceremony also felt very much like a traditional wedding, with Evelyn presiding over Kevin and Fangs like a priest or officiant and the ceremony ending with Kevin and Fangs kissing. Of course, it would be absolutely wild if Kevin and Fangs really got married — the two are not even dating, for all we know! Plus, they're supposed to be like 16 or 17! They did have a brief flirtation last season that some fans thought might develop into something, but it never went anywhere.

While getting married out to someone of nowhere is obviously ridiculous, it is actually still believable in the context of The Farm. We have already seen that The Farm is somehow able to make people do strange and sometimes even impossible-seeming things, so we can't count out that Kevin and Fangs really did have a surprise wedding.