The Reason You're Getting Friend Zoned, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I don't think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe the aftermath of rejection when you have been friend zoned. Like, I'm super crushing on you, thought I played all of my cards right, and when I went up to bat, I struck out?! This is not how is happens in the movies. We've all been there, but you probably never considered the reason you're getting friend zoned based on your zodiac sign, because you're still thinking about the way their cologne or perfume smelled when you hugged them. Stay with me, now.

Hey, I thought the stars were supposed to work in our favor? Lies! There are pros and cons to everything, and those cons basically conspire against you and leave you hanging in the wind, aka, the friend zone. Friend zoning shouldn't be a one-sided thing. Can we talk about this before you irrationally place me in a platonic oblivion that's basically inescapable? Clearly, you can confide in me like a friend, but what if I want to suck face and do all of the mushy stuff, too?

No one's pointing fingers, but if you aren't happy settling with the whole "sh*t happens" excuse, you want answers. And since our zodiacs educate us on our day-to-day ventures, there's no reason why they can't decipher the friend zone blues as well. These aren't things to get too caught up over, because you are amazing just the way you are, ladies. But, there are some things that might be keeping you on the sidelines, even when you want to be in the game.

Aries: You're The Perfect Hangout Buddy

Carefree, energetic, and spontaneous — that's all you, Aries. So, what's wrong? Those are also beloved qualities of a friend, and unless you spill the beans about how you feel, you may very well be trailblazing towards the friend zone instead of the end zone.

Those qualities will make many people gravitate towards you, Aries. But if things don't click romantically with someone, then it's in your best interest to move on. Everything happens for a reason, after all.

Taurus: Your Reliability Is On Fleek

You're reliable AF, Aquarius. Get a call at 2 a.m. because your buddy needs a ride home? You are there before they even hang up the phone.

When you're crushing on someone though, Taurus, that reliability doesn't always translate into, "D*mn, she'd make a good girlfriend." Sometimes, it's more like you're their celebrity shot for beer pong. And because you're so patient, you'll wait, but don't go waiting on a thing that has no promise. Someone else tremendously deserves your dedication.

Gemini: Going Back And Forth Will Make You Dizzy

The thought of liking this person is what tugs you back and forth, Gemini. You show them two different sides because you're really just not sure, and that's OK. To keep the relationship damage under control, you may be friend zoned because it's a safe place to keep you and your indecisiveness. Not everything's a sure thing, though, and if this person can't be patient with you, you're better off pursuing someone else.

Cancer: Pull The Reigns On Those Initial Emotions

Cancer, some of your emotions may make you jump the gun a little bit. You care about this person, and therefore they have access to your sensitive side, but you may read too into Netflix and chill sessions at times.

If it's meant to be, it will be. IRL, if this person can't handle your raw emotions, they don't really deserve any of them. You'll find someone who wants it all.

Leo: Your Dopeness Is Intimidating

You've got a soft spot for this one, Leo, and it's frustrating because it seems like they are incredibly into you. Sadly, you may be in the friend zone because you are very admirable, but they're not ready for how gracefully you handle being dope. It sounds so silly, but people shy away from people incredibly comfortable and confident in their own skin. You rock though, so keep it pushing.

Virgo: You Might Have To Speak Up

Virgo, with a little self-reflection, you'll finally realize you like this person, but you won't fully own up to those emotions right away. It takes patience and actually seeing those feelings being reciprocated for you to go all in.

You may find yourself in the friend zone because they want you to take the first jump, but you're not playing around if there's nothing promising. The real deal would leap first and ask questions later for you, Virgo.

Libra: You Keep The Peace

You're great at keeping the peace, Libra. If there doesn't have to be an argument, you don't ever make one. This laid-back demeanor of yours is chill AF, so what's the problem?

It's easy to get comfortable with someone who keeps the balance and hardly argues. It's a great friend quality. Don't worry though, Libra. There are so many people out there who need your zen as a friend and a partner, all at once.

Scorpio: Every Secret Is Safe With You

Scorpio, they'll tell you all their secrets, and because you're so good at keeping them, they'll continue to confide in you. You express your emotions, but not in an upfront, "don't you know that I like you" kind of way. In fact, you're so good at keeping other people's secrets, you may have forgotten to share a few of your own.

If they keep overlooking your other cues and don't wanna dig deeper, onto the next one. Life goes on.

Sagittarius: Your Plans Trump Theirs

Your optimism and outlook on life are gems to be treasured. Who wouldn't want to hear those philosophical points of views and talk all night about concepts and life in general?

You have big ideas when it comes your ideal relationship with this person, but they might not be ready to look at the big picture. If they can't see what you see, they probably don't need to see ya at all, and you're better off without them.

Capricorn: You Gotta Forgive And Forget

At some point, you've disliked a lot of things, Capricorn, but this person isn't one of them. You expect the same loyalty you give people to be returned, and when it's not, of course you're hesitant. Hang in there. Life's a learning game.

Aquarius: You Listened, But Not Close Enough

Aquarius, you're one of the best listeners out there. Who wouldn't want to feel fully listened to and understood? But because you can sway in and out of running from how you actually feel, you may oversee those cues in the convos that were giving you the green light. Actions speak louder than words though, and if all they were doing was talking, it's no wonder you couldn't catch on. Words lose value if they aren't followed by actions.

Pisces: You Trusted The Wrong One

Pisces, you don't take anything at face value. You find an artistic element in everything, which almost always lands you in a state of tuning out reality, and you trust any person who can get you in this euphoric state. When that trust is broken though, you aren't immediately opening up the gates again. Eventually, someone will never want to break your trust.

The friend zone is no fun, but we don't always get the people we want at first. Maybe it's the universe's way of making room for who you're truly meant to be with.