The Reason Halsey Chose Suga For Their 'Manic' Collab Makes So Much Sense

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Halsey just released her third studio album, Manic, on Jan. 17, meaning the BTS ARMY is celebrating the release of "Suga's Interlude" — Halsey's collaboration with BTS' Suga — for the second time. The "Graveyard" singer originally dropped the song in December 2019, along with her album's fourth single, "Finally // Beautiful Stranger." Now, with Manic out in full, Halsey is spilling all the details on how her Suga collab happened, and the reason Halsey chose BTS' Suga for a Manic collab makes perfect sense.

With lyrics diving into Halsey's personal life and relationships, Manic is the singer's most personal album to date. In fact, Halsey even describes Manic as "an album made by Ashley for Halsey" on her website (Halsey's real name is Ashley). Fans appreciate how the album shows Halsey's non-celebrity persona, and also how it features three amazing artists that share a similar artistic vision as her: Dominic Fike, Alanis Morissette, and Suga.

Halsey met BTS for the first time at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, ever since then, they've met up frequently at other award shows. Their casual relationship gradually evolved into a full-on friendship, leading Halsey and BTS to finally team up for "Boy With Luv," released in April 2019. The BTS ARMY was thankful for one collaboration between BTS and Halsey, but they never expected to get another one.

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When Halsey shared "Suga's Interlude" in December, fans couldn't get over how perfect Halsey and Suga sounded together on the track. Now, a month later, fans are still talking about it, especially now that Halsey shared how the collaboration happened in the first place.

In an interview with Apple Music, Halsey revealed she became interested in working with Suga after hearing his solo music.

"I started exploring their solo music a little bit more, and with Suga, I got into Agust D, which is his solo project, and I was looking up lyric translations and I was blown away," Halsey said. "I was like, 'This stuff is so introspective.' The content is about mental health and his inner turmoil, and he’s a really quiet guy in real life, and I was just moved."

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Since she's closer with BTS' RM, Halsey said her Suga collaboration was probably unexpected for fans, but to her, it made the most sense. "He’s the one whose lyrical approach I felt the most connected to. I knew I had to have him be a part of this record. I knew that he would get what it feels like to be manic, to be introspective," she shared.

Hear Halsey's comments near the 45:35 mark below.

Halsey and Suga's collaboration was certainly a surprise, but after hearing Manic in its entirety, it's clear the album wouldn't be complete without it.