Kim Kardashian steps out with Chicago West and Kanye West.

Kim K Revealed Chi Needed Stitches On Her Cheek After A Scary Accident

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

While most baby news that comes out of the Kardashian household is joyful, today, I come bearing less-than-great news, KarJenner fans. Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago West recently had a nasty accident, and it resulted in her needing stitches. Tragic, I know. The reason Chicago West needed stitches is v sad y'all.

Kardashian explained what happened during her Feb. 5 appearance on Good Morning America, although, the accident happened several weeks ago. According to Kardashian, little Chicago was hanging at home in her high chair when she took a nasty tumble.

"The other day, my daughter Chicago fell out of her high chair, cut her whole face, stitches, [we] had to like, figure it all out," she said. "So stuff happens...you just gotta roll with it.

Thankfully, Chi is now doing A-OK, according to Kardashian. "She's OK, yes. Big, big scar on her cheek, but she's OK," she explained. Here's to hoping Chi makes a quick recovery.

You can hear Kim tell the story around the 1:20 mark of her interview.

Fans were understandably concerned about Chi and sent their well wishes on Twitter. "Omg chi chi I hope you’re ok and be careful hun," one fan tweeted.

"Awwwww I hope Chicago is feeling better," another fan said.

Kardashian also used her GMA interview to reveal what her daily household routine is, and wow, it sounded like a lot.

"I get up at like, 5:40, in the gym by 6, done [at] 7, they wake up, I get them up at 7:05, breakfast at 7:30, out the door by 7:55," Kim explained. "It's super micromanaged."

Given her hectic mornings, it's no wonder Kardashian shared this photo to Instagram on Jan. 22 and captioned it "morning madness."

Even with the madness of having four kids, it sounds like Kardashian has perfected the art of controlled chaos. Sure, accidents happen, but with an all-star momma like Kim, it sounds like Chi will be just fine.