'The Princess Switch 3': Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens Shut Down A Hilarious Rumor About 'The Princess Switch 3'


Once upon a time, Vanessa Hudgens was the queen of Disney (getting to star on High School Musical *and* kiss Zac Efron earns you that status). But now with the lead spot in the perfectly cheesy holiday franchise, The Princess Switch, she's ascended to Netflix royalty. Luckily, fans are in for plenty more Hudgens-as-a-monarch content, since the third installment is set to be released this year. Here's everything we know so far about Netflix's The Princess Switch 3's plot, premiere date, and cast to get you ready for more heartwarming holiday vibes:

When the first movie in the now-trilogy premiered in 2018, fans were instantly enchanted by the feel-good flick. Hudgens starred as a pastry chef who enters a royal baking competition in the fictitious land of Belgravia. It's there that she meets Margaret Delacourt, a duchess who happens to look exactly like her (and is also played by Hudgens). Naturally, a Parent Trap-style switcheroo takes place, and the film ends with the women falling in love with each other's initial love interests.

It sounds like a recipe for drama, but it actually all works out — the whole "magic at Christmastime" thing probably helps with that. And even though the first film was cleanly wrapped up, Netflix ordered a sequel... and then another sequel. After the release of The Princess Switch: Switched Again in 2020, fans are eager to know what's happens next in Hudgens' reign as a royal.


'The Princess Switch 3' Premiere Date

In recent years, Netflix has been cranking out holiday films (most of which are actually connected with one another), and The Princess Switch is easily one of the most popular. The second in the series, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, dropped on Netflix ahead of Thanksgiving on Nov. 19. 2020. And it sounds like it'll be quickly followed by Part 3. On March 4, 2021, Hudgens confirmed the movie is done filming with a sweet Instagram post captioned: "And that’s a wrap on Princess Switch 3. What a whirlwind. Man everyone worked their asses off. AND stayed safe. BIG thanks to @netflix for taking the extra precautions to keep us on track and bring that new new to your screens."

As of now, The Princess Switch 3 is set to be released during the 2021 holiday season. Luckily, with filming wrapped at the start of 2021, production definitely seems on track for a holly-jolly Hudgens holiday.

'The Princess Switch 3' Cast

It's confirmed Hudgens is set to return for the third movie. Considering she's, like, half the cast, that seems pretty important. However, no other casting details have been announced yet. While fans originally theorized Hudgens would play a fourth character — following the addition of a third Hudgens role, Lady Fiona Pembroke, in Switched Again — she hastily put those rumors to rest. In November 2020, she told Entertainment Tonight, "That is not happening, no one get their hopes up for that ... Three is my limit. It is all that my mental capacity can handle.”

'The Princess Switch 3' Plot Details

Netflix has been pretty tight-lipped about the third installment so far. However, the second film's plot details could hint at what's to come next: The sequel reunited Margaret and Stacy as well as a third lookalike character, Fiona, Margaret's cousin and total party girl who found herself in hot water at the end of the second film after she attempt to steal Margaret's throne.

So, what's in store for fans in the third installment? Margaret and Stacy are now both married (and Margaret had her coronation and became the queen of Montenaro). Considering the path of Netflix's other accidental-royal-entanglement-during-the-holidays film series, A Christmas Prince, the third movie just might bring about a royal baby.

Whether or not The Princess Switch 3 includes a baby carriage, I'm personally just hoping the three Vanessa Hudgens characters team up to rule the world together, crowns and all.