Trolls Are Mom-Shaming Meghan For The Way She Held Archie At Harry's Polo Match

by Hollee Actman Becker
Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Mommy-shamers are the worst. And, apparently, even the Duchess of Sussex isn't immune to their intense scrutiny. On July 10, Meghan Markle took her 2-month-old son, little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, out on an excursion to watch Prince Harry’s charity polo match against his big bro Prince William. And, honestly, good for her. It's kinda hard to leave the house after you have a baby. I mean, what if he starts crying? Or needs a diaper change? I have a friend who was too scared to go out in public with her little one for a good six months. And by "friend," I absolutely mean me. Which is why I was super impressed when I saw the photos of Meghan holding Baby Archie at Harry's polo match a mere eight weeks after the little guy was born.

Archie hit the road with his mom, his aunt Kate Middleton, and his three cousins Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis in order to attend King Power Royal Charity Polo Day, and it was all pretty exciting. The pics of Meghan carrying her tiny son around in a blanket and kissing him on the head were just so sweet. She legit looked like such a natural at the whole mom thing.

But haters gonna hate, you know? And so the mom-shaming keyboard warriors wasted no time rolling up on Twitter to criticize the new mama for the way she was holding her baby boy.

So lame, sanctimommies. So lame.

I mean, just check out this beautiful mother-son moment:

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

There's so much love in this image. Why on earth would anyone want to find fault here and tear Meghan down? She's only been a mother for a few short weeks — can't we all just let her live?

Apparently not. Because the trolls couldn't stop from inserting themselves into the dialogue. I hate to even share their tweets here since they were so judgmental and mean-spirited, but here's a little sample to give you an idea of what poor Meghan was dealing with:

"Is it just me or that's NOT how you're supposed to hold a newborn? I get anxious simply looking at these pictures. It's sad that Meghan Markle seems so awkward and uncomfortable around her own son," one user wrote.

Ugh, really guys? This is just so frustrating. When I look at the pictures from the polo match, all I see is a beautiful mother out for the day with her son. I mean, how sad must someone be in their own life to leave mean comments on a picture of someone holding a baby? These self-righteous tweets are totally uncalled for, and the Twitterverse trolls need to take, like, 5 million seats.

Also, I'm no expert, but I think the way Meghan is holding baby Archie is just fine, thank you very much, and I would let her look after both my baby and my goldfish.

Luckily, lots of Meghan's fans also hit up Twitter to defend the new mom and let her know she wasn't doing anything wrong.

Let's take a look at some of those tweets:

Good question, Wanda. So let's just all take a moment and give the duchess a chance to breathe, adjust to being a new mother, and revel in her baby joy without giving her grief, OK?

Ignore the haters, Megs, and just keep right on giving little Archie all the love.