7 Gift Ideas For All Of The Disney Princesses In Your Girl Crew

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We seriously compare everything to Disney — our love lives, makeup, and of course, our friends. Speaking of our friends, I'm sure you've already caught on to the ways they reflect the same qualities as your favorite Disney princesses. And since they're all pretty different, you're going to have to tackle several gift ideas for the Disney princesses in your group, who are all gems in their own special way.

I mean, these ladies aren't walking around wearing crowns, petting tigers, or riding on magic carpets or anything, but they sure do mirror Disney princesses in some way. Blame our hopeful want and need as kids to fully submerge in everything Disney-related for the way we gravitate towards and stay with a certain girl tribe. In all honesty though, if the Disney princesses were actually real, we'd be lining up for a chance to be in their group of friends.

For now, we're totally OK with the beauties in our lives who are as ecstatic and unique as the princesses in our fave fairy tales. And while we may not be able to give them a huge palace or glass slippers, when the holiday season rolls around, they are at the top of our shopping lists. We all know the stories of the real Disney princesses, so it's no surprise that the ones in your group would be incredibly grateful for any one of these gifts.

For Your Sleeping Beauty

Laura Ashley Aromatherapy Lavender Scented Relaxing Eye Mask, $18, Amazon

Yes, we all have that friend who will cancel plans just to sleep and light a candle alone at home. This lavender eye mask is the perfect addition to that relaxation mentality. Lavender is known to be super soothing.

For Your Belle

Personalized Leather Book Strap iPad Holder Backpack School Bag, $150, Etsy

Who doesn't love and appreciate the bookworm of the group? Knowledge is power, and you have every intention to let your studious babe spread her wings. Book straps are super old school, but they're still stylish and trendy as you're walking across campus or leaving the bookstore.

For Your Jasmine

Dog Hoodie Jumpsuit, $8, LightInTheBox

This friend is a proud and devoted dog mom, and she doesn't care who knows it. You've had multiple dates with her and the fur baby because she's so attached to them. This sweatsuit won't be the first outfit she has for her pooch, but she'll still love it.

For Your Ariel

Polaroid Waterproof Digital Camera, $40, Target

Water is her second home, and you're here for the way she effortlessly becomes one with the sea every time you guys head to the beach. This gift will allow her to explore those depths she loves so much, and bring back a few of those memories to the surface. She takes going for a dip to a whole new level.

For Your Pocahontas

Multi Function Hydration Backpack, $21 - $28, Walmart

Hiking, camping, or just a morning walk, that's your girl. And even if you can't tag along all of the time, you're always down to hear about the new trails she has trekked. Keep her hydrated and on the go with this backpack.

For Your Cinderella
Charlotte Russe

Bamboo Glitter Platform Two-Piece Sandals, $20, Charlotte Russe

She can wear any kind of shoe like it's no one's business. From fancy to laid-back, you'd raid her closet for any style that you need. She'll honestly never have too many pairs.

For Your Rapunzel

KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron, $38, Amazon

Every group has that friend who literally never has a bad hair day, or whose hair grows an inch each day without supplements. A hair accessory like this one will just have them further slaying the hair game. Yes, you have every right to ask her to hair flip once she opens this gift.

We love the Disney princesses in our lives and we value the friendships we've established with them. In this case, life really is like the movies.