The Perfect Kind Of Date When Bae Wants You To Choose, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A date tailored towards something you like or have always wanted to explore is classified as a perfect date. Luckily, there isn't only one way to have one and they're being innovated and topped every single day. Going on a date with a new crush or someone you have been seeing for awhile never gets old. And what about when they let you choose the game plan? You'd be happy to do anything with your heartthrob, but planning the perfect date with bae will make the itinerary that much more special.

This well-deserved date can be devised based on your zodiac sign, and let's be real here — who couldn't use a little inspo from their sign every now and then? Anyway, your date — no matter how casual or fancy it may be — should leave you with those effortlessly flapping butterflies. It will also probably replay in your mind over and over again, because it was that dreamy.

It doesn't matter how you look at it — dates are memories, and you should always want to make more of them with bae when you can. The only thing you'll love a tad more than the actual date, is the idea that you got to choose what plastered those huge smiles on both of your faces.

Aries: A Murder Mystery Escape Room

It's time to sniff out the culprit, Aries. With bae by your side deciphering all of the clues, you two would make Sherlock Holmes super proud. Escape rooms make you feel super accomplished afterwards. You will likely deserve a victory kiss... or two.

Taurus: A Candlelit Dinner With Wild Flowers To Set The Vibe

Some additional flair to a dinner setting would send your feels flying, Taurus. Whether bae picked these flowers or not, smelling notes of them in the air between bites will be so soothing for you. The candlelight will really set the romantic mood, too.

Gemini: An Outdoor Music Event

Warm temps and live music from bands that aren't mainstream sounds like the perfect date night for you, Gemini. Dress up depending on the genre of music you are going to be hearing. Even if you don't know the words to every single song, you'll be feeling so in your element with bae right by your side.

Cancer: An Afternoon Canoe Ride With Light Snacks

Cancer — maybe the water is pretty shallow, but you're ready to fall deep into swooning with a canoe ride. Can't forget the snacks, though, because grumbling bellies simply will not do. Make sure you're stocked up on a few of your favorites, and enjoy the beautiful views around you.

Leo: A Salsa Dancing Class

There is something so beautiful and sexy about salsa — and you want in, Leo. Learning the moves with bae will be so fun because even if one of you has two left feet, it's a new experience. Who knows, you might master this and it may become one of your new favorite hobbies to do together.

Virgo: Horseback Riding At Sunset

Saddle up and ride toward the sunset with bae, Virgo. Horses are incredibly beautiful animals and riding them is super romantic. Race each other or ride slowly — but be sure you're soaking up every single moment.

Libra: A Silent Disco Party

Libra — there's nothing really quiet about a silence disco party. Chilling in a location with dozens of other people and bae while you jam out to whatever station you choose on your headphones, will definitely be an interactive experience. Don't worry if you're tapping on bae's shoulder every other song because they just gotta hear that cool track.

Scorpio: Watch Bae's Passion Come Full-Circle

If your bae is in a band or is some form of an artist, your perfect date night is watching or listening to them immerse themselves in their passion. An art show or big gig for the band will supply you with all of those happy feels. They're the cutest when they're geeking out over what they love.

Sagittarius: An Improv Comedy Show

You will never leave that sense of humor of yours at home, Sag. Laughing the night away with bae is so ideal. In between catching your breath, take note of these downright hilarious lines, so you and bae can amp up your inside jokes.

Capricorn: Make A Living Room Fort For Your Movie Session

Capricorn — building a fort in the living room was not a skill you left in your childhood. Getting cozy in your stacked blankets and pillows with popcorn and a flick will give you and bae some much-needed intimate time. What is said in the fort, stays in the fort... just like the good old days.

Aquarius: A Fundraiser Dinner Or Event Thrown By Your Favorite Foundation
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Aquarius — you are selfless AF and your idea of a perfect date is one where it's about you and bae, but benefiting someone else in the process. A fundraiser dinner for your favorite foundation will show bae something that's really important to you. Your choice is further going to prove how sweet you are.

Pisces: A Drive-In Movie

Sometimes, the greatest qualities and date ideas are embedded in the past. A drive-in movie with bae might be something they did back in the day, but you are reaping the benefits of its adorable aftereffects in this day and age. Don't forget the licorice and milkshakes.

The perfect date is one that makes you wish you could relive it over and over again, because it was that sincere. It only gets more exciting from here.