This Partial Solar Eclipse Symbolism Will Motivate You To Go After Your Wildest Dreams

If you needed an extra dose of magic in your life, the upcoming partial solar eclipse in Leo will provide it. Slated to darken our sky with its temporary shadow on August 11, 2018, this solar event is so much more than just a disturbance of our natural light. In astrology, the partial solar eclipse symbolism is all about transforming and revolutionizing our world. While eclipse seasons usually contain just one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse, this one is extraordinary in that it is a rare third eclipse in our current cycle of change. Could it possibly contain a resolution to all the drama? Is there an unexpected surprise waiting for you at the finish line? Whatever it is, I know I'm not alone when I say that this eclipse season has been an emotional roller coaster ride.

It's important to remember that while lunar eclipses always take place on a full moon, solar eclipses always take place on a new moon. Our emotions ebb and flow along with our usual lunar cycle. A new moon wipes the slate clean and plants the seed of a new intention while a full moon presents the manifestation of that intention and the rewards (or repercussions) that follow. In essence, a solar eclipse is the amplified power of a new moon while a lunar eclipse is the amplified power of a full moon. With that in mind, you should expect this partial solar eclipse to launch you into the next phase of life.

A Change In Your Thoughts And Feelings

In astrology, the sun represents your overall character and the way we're seen by others while the moon represents your inner-world, the thoughts, desires, and feelings that culminate within. During a solar eclipse, the moon wedges itself between the sun and the Earth, removing the source of light that we rely on in order to see the surface of things. Instead, we're left with the shadow of truth. In this shadow, we are forced to see things from a different angle or perspective.

On a solar eclipse, revelations, understandings, and unexpected thoughts flourish through your soul. The seedlings of these new ideas are meant to guide you in a different direction, and by following it, you are watering the seedlings until it blossoms into something new. A partial solar eclipse is a spark of inspiration, an unsettling realization, or the refocusing of a blurry confusion in your life.

The Desire To Create A Better Life

With so many foreign concepts and ideas floating through your mind, you're bound to feel restless, but most importantly, you'll feel inspired. It's often the realization that something essential is missing that motivates you to go after what will complete you. By listening to the whispers, shouts, and screams of your soul, you're receiving the messages that the partial solar eclipse is attempting to send you. Perhaps it wants you to finally become the artist you've always wanted to be. Maybe it's letting you know that it's time to commit to an exclusive relationship. If you look into the abyss of your heart, you'll find all the answers.

In the midst of your internal whirlwind is an aching desire to grow, progress, and manifest your dreams into reality. A solar eclipse is merely the kick in the rear that you need in order to make prosperity happen.

The Beginning Of An Exciting New Era

Once the partial solar eclipse comes to an end and you shake off the dizzying effects of such a spiritual hangover, you'll begin to notice a new reality forming around you. Success always begins with an idea, and the partial solar eclipse will provide you with an idea so powerful that you'd be a fool not to act on it. A thrilling new chapter in your life awaits you. If you're still not sure where you're going or how you're getting to your destination, trust that the cosmos always have a plan. Through a solar eclipse, the cosmos are simply laying a heavy hand on your journey.