The 'Overheard Post' from @OverheardNewYork is unlike any newspaper you've seen before.

@OverheardNewYork Just Launched A Newspaper You'll Actually Want To Read

Courtesy of the Overheard Post, @OverheardNewYork

There's a good chance you're familiar with @OverheardNewYork, the Instagram account that posts hilarious conversations overheard in the streets of the city. They're usually hilariously relatable, especially the more embarrassing ones. While you might be used to only seeing it as you scroll through your feed, you might be surprised to hear the brand released a new print edition. That's right, you can no open up the Overheard Post from @OverheardNewYork, which is a physical publication that is definitely not your mother's newspaper. The Overheard Post is a humorous take on the the classic daily periodical, and it might just be one of the funniest newspapers you'll ever read.

According to a media release from the company, New Yorkers can stop by the Overheard Newsstand on Thursday, Oct. 17 and Friday, Oct. 18 to check out the famous Instagram account's all new newsstand in Union Square. Once you're there, you'll be able to pick up the premiere issue of Overheard Post created by the @OverheardNewYork Instagram account. It'll be open form 8 a.m. up until as 8 p.m. ET on Oct. 17 and 18 only, so be sure you make the time to drop by. If you haven't seen the @OverheardNewYork account with its 1.2 million followers, go check it out before you stop by the Overheard Newsstand to catch the first-ever newspaper edition. Imagine the best and the worst of millennial culture in a big city, and that's what you can expect when you flip through the pages of the Overheard Post.

Courtesy of the Overheard Post, @OverheardNewYork

When you stop by the newsstand on Oct. 17 or Oct. 18, you'll be able to pick up your free copy of the Overheard Post, plus you can score some free coffee. According to an Overheard rep, there will also be Overheard swag available, and the newsstand will offer special giveaways, which may include some items from the Overheard Post's partners: Le Labo fragrances, La Colombe coffee, PLUS Products, Health-Ade, Ritual, and Sweetgreen. Not to mention how utterly great this looks for the 'Gram. What can you expect inside? Well, per the brand you'll read:

  • A Millennial weather report that will fill you in on the "Earth's 'current mood.'" Some of the LOL-worthy examples of the "mood" include "cloudy with a chance of seeing three people become engaged."
  • Horoscopes that will let you know Mercury is (thankfully) no longer in Retrograde. The Overheard horoscopes will give you the "real deal" on your sign. If you can't grab the paper, you can also call 917-905-7071, which will apparently give you more horoscope info and advice, according to a copy of the paper dropped off at Elite Daily.
  • Subway Chronicles that will make you laugh while likely taking one of NYC's many subway lines.
  • Neighborhood to-do lists. A couple fun snippets from the Williamsburg to-do list includes "invoicing parents for ... rent/CitiBikes" and "making kombucha for a neighborhood squirrel."

If you aren't able to make it though, if you're near local hotspots like Moxie hotels, Bonberi, Freehold Brooklyn, and The Wing — throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn — you can still pick up a free copy of the new print edition of Overheard Post while supplies last during the month of October.

Courtesy of the Overheard Post / @OverheardNewYork

Wondering what all the fuss is about? @OverheardNewYork sprung out of the success of the Instagram account @OverheardLA. According to an Elite Daily Interview, founder Jesse Margolis said he was at an LA health food store in 2015 and heard "these two women having the most absurd conversation in history and I posted that on my personal account, and I noticed that instead of getting 14 likes, it got 30 likes." The @OverheardLA account now has over one million followers since its creation. Talk about a success story. Millennials truly say some golden nuggets, as well as some pretty ridiculous things.

Obviously, @OverheardNewYork on Instagram is a huge success. Starting a real life newspaper (even if only for two days) seems like a logical creative step, and a totally unexpected one, too. If you're near Union Square, there's no reason why you shouldn't be stopping by to grab the first copy of the Overheard Post, all while sipping on some free coffee and getting a chance to grab a selfie at the fun pop-up newsstand. Plus, you can pat yourself on the back for a small contribution to the cause, because without us millennials supporting @OverheardNewYork and the other various accounts, the Overheard brand probably wouldn't be releasing this gem of a newspaper.