Why The Older You Get, The Less Friends You Really Need

Friends — how many of us have them? And by that, I really mean to consider the ones you can genuinely depend on. You may have noticed lately that your friend group isn't as ginormous as it used to be back in the day. You're getting older, and despite what those '90s movies about high school told us, you don't need a herd of friends backing you to know that you're worthy. To be honest, the older you get the less friends you need, because who's really counting? The ones who are meant to stick in your life will, and the ones who aren't will fade out.

Think about it this way — it's important to understand that the rules change when you get older. What you need and expect from a friend may have evolved, and the ones who can provide that have stuck with you. You have a set group of friends that might not take up an entire booth in a restaurant, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Having less friends when you get older isn't a sign that you started acting brand new. The people who were meant to stay around did ,and the ones who just got there aren't going anywhere. Your friend circle may be smaller, but the reasons behind why it's better that way as you get older, are multiplying all of the time.

Quality Over Quantity Is Key

Less is more when it comes to your circle as you get older. These people are incredibly genuine, and each of them delivers so much love and support to you. The whole idea that the more friends you have the happier you are is a total sham. You pick the best of the crop, and you're content.

You Can Better Focus Your Energy

Having a bunch of friends — some who aren't even REAL friends — might have been exhausting. You broke a sweat trying to keep up with all of them and doing things you felt you had to because of the friend title. When you have a set group of true friends, it's not stressful. Everything flows naturally.

Your Want For Popularity Is At An All-Time Low

Remember when you used to think popularity was your crowning glory? Well, luckily you snapped out of that. You need less friends when you get older so that you realize the fact that small doesn't necessarily mean disadvantaged. Amazing things can come from small packages.

Drama — Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Why does it seem like the larger the group of friends you had, the more drama that transpired? It's the same thing in an office setting. You don't have time for drama when you get older. You don't want to waste your time trying to untangle those "who did what to who" kind of scenarios.

It's Easier To Know Who Is Really There For You

OK, something happens and you need your friend's help or advice. Instead of going down the phone tree of friends who are supposed to be your friends, but really aren't, you have your circle on speed dial. The masses don't always mean more. You find this out when you need their help or they only appear to be your friend when it's convenient for them.

Your Views And Beliefs Are Changing

Some people can't adapt to change — especially when it is coming from someone other than themselves. You wouldn't want to update a dozen people on your new perspective. The less friends you have, the better chance you have at receiving acceptance and understanding. They're all for change, as long as the friendship can stay the same.

It May Be Easier For You To Stay True To Yourself

When you have a small circle, it's highly unlikely that you will feel pressured to put on a front with your friends. You're close-knit, and you don't feel pulled in different directions that distract you from being who you are.

Sometimes, large groups of friends demand parts of you that you may have to fabricate to feel like you've delivered what they expect from you. Real friends are like a collector's item. You know there aren't many of them and they're unique as hell, so you keep them close, no matter what.