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The Oh My Disney Pixar Travel Collection Will Add Pixie Dust To Your Vacay Pics


If you grew up watching Pixar movies, you know that "adventure is out there," and if you "just keep swimming," there are plenty of places to explore. You can probably attribute most of your wanderlust to Disney movies. Finding Nemo may have made you want to jet-set to Australia, and perhaps Ratatouille is the reason why you long to enjoy fine dining in Paris. Since your love for Disney has made you a world traveler, you absolutely need the Oh My Disney Pixar travel collection.

This collection has everything you need to travel in style. Even if you haven't been able to use your passport quite yet, treating yourself to a Pixar-themed passport case and luggage tag will motivate you even more to get that first stamp. While you're cruising through the clouds to each dreamy destination, you can even rock a cute and cozy Pixar spirit jersey.

You may have made a resolution to travel more this year, but haven't decided where to go. Be inspired by your favorite Pixar movie, and go there. Just remember to pack every essential in your Pixar-themed luggage. It's all possible with any (or all of) these items in the new Oh My Disney collection.

An 'Up' Spirit Jersey

Spirit jerseys are all the rage with Disney fans. It's just as necessary to wear to the parks as your favorite pair of Mickey ears. They're so beloved because of how cute and comfy they are. That's why this Up-themed pink spirit jersey is great for traveling. You can wear it on the plane while you're on your way to your very own Paradise Falls.

A 'Finding Nemo' Spirit Jersey

This colorful Finding Nemo spirit jersey will give you major feels. On the back, there's even the infamous "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way" address, because you never forget such a memorable location. Rock this spirit jersey with your favorite pair of denim and white sneakers, and you're set.

Pixar Rolling Luggage

When you're traveling, you want your bag to make a statement. This adorable Pixar rolling luggage will get all the heart eyes. It has that perfect combination of the two things you love — traveling and Pixar — with a variety of travel tags that nod to different Pixar movies.

A Pixar Weekender Bag

A smaller travel bag is necessary for a mini getaway. That's where this Pixar weekender bag comes in handy. It perfectly matches the rolling luggage with different references to Pixar movies, and has an extra charming strap that says, "Adventure is out there."

An 'Up' Passport Case And Luggage Tag

The design on this Up-themed passport case features the infamous house with balloons, and says, "Sky Explorer." The case also comes with a matching luggage tag so everything coordinates.

A 'Finding Nemo' Passport Case And Luggage Tag

If you're a Finding Nemo fan, you'll love this passport case and luggage tag duo. The case has a super cute Nemo on the front with Dory's infamous line, "Just keep swimming." This is the perfect case for you if you have plans of traveling to Australia this year.

A 'Ratatouille' Passport Case And Luggage Tag

For the traveler who's also a major foodie, you may want to get the Ratatouille passport case and luggage tag. The red case has a sweet design of Remy and friends cooking in Gusteau's, and the luggage tag says exactly what you plan on doing while you're away: eat.

Pixar Pajama Bottoms

Your idea of the perfect plane ensemble may consist of a cute spirit jersey and cozy sweatpants. That's where these Pixar pajama bottoms (that give a nod to your favorite movies) come in. You can even pack the matching Pixar top to have as your go-to PJs on the trip.