A Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookie jar shaped like an ice cream truck sits on a white kitchen counter....
The New Disney Eats Collection Will Make You Want To Eat Dessert First | Disney

There's no point in a waiter asking if you'd like to see the dessert menu, because the answer is always yes. You're proud of your sweet tooth, and you're game to try any new ice cream flavor or gourmet masterpiece that comes your way. That means with your love of Disney and sugary treats, you'll probably want every single item in the new Disney Eats collection. From an ice cream truck cookie jar to sprinkle-filled spoons, this collection is adorably sweet, so it might be a good time to add a few baking essentials to your kitchen.

You know it just wouldn't be a Disney collection without a nod to Mickey Mouse, which is why it's so cute to see him and Minnie featured on almost every single item. In addition to all the Mickeys, this collection has an ice cream theme throughout that features things like sprinkles and pastel colors. You'll totally ice scream when you see it.

If you're looking to introduce a few new things into your kitchen, or if your New Year's resolution is to get more into baking this year, you might want to consider adding any of these eight items to your shopping cart.

Mickey And Minnie Cookie Jar

If you had a cookie jar as sweet at this Mickey and Minnie Mouse one, you might consider saving some sweets inside. While the jar may hold things like cookies and candy, it's actually shaped like the ice cream truck you might see driving through your neighborhood on a hot summer day.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Scoop

This ice cream scoop is probably one of the cutest items in the collection. Not only is it useful for all the ice cream you'll be scooping, but the handle is filled with colorful sprinkles. It's a welcomed reminder that every scoop of ice cream deserves some sprinkles on top.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Baking Dish

For all the treats you're going to whip up, you need a sweet baking dish like this Mickey and Minnie Mouse one. Not only will it come in handy for the brownies and blondies you plan on making, but it has a cute design of Mickey and Minnie sharing a milkshake that says, "Good 'til the last slice."

Mickey Mouse Spoon Set

This colorful set of spoons perfectly matches the ice cream scoop with sprinkles in the handle. These will come in handy whenever you want to make yourself a delicious ice cream sundae. The hidden Mickeys in the spoon itself are a fun added touch.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Bowl Set

If you have the right spoons for your ice cream sundaes, you also need cute bowls. Not only is the Mickey and Minnie design super adorable, but you know these bowls will definitely get used a lot.

Mickey And Minnie Cupcake Stand

If you want to become the most popular person in the office, you might want to bring in a batch of freshly-baked cupcakes. By treating yourself to this Mickey and Minnie cupcake stand, you'll have something super cute to carry them in with for the ultimate presentation.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Cupcake Kit

If you've watched any baking show, you know presentation can be just as important as the taste. If you really want to show off, get this Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake kit. Each kit includes 24 cupcake liners and 24 adorable cupcake toppers.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Apron

Things can get a little messy in the kitchen, so avoid getting any flour on your clothes with this Mickey and Minnie apron. The design is so sweet, and it will pop in your baking selfie when you're working hard in the kitchen. There's also an option to get your apron personalized on top.