Three Disney Lunar New Year mango pineapple pastries with a Mickey Mouse decoration sit on a table.
The Food At Disneyland's Lunar New Year Celebration Is So Vibrant & Cute

Courtesy of Disney Parks

While you're waiting for the Lunar New Year to kick off this year on Saturday, Jan. 25, you can celebrate the festivities at Disney with California Adventure's Lunar New Year celebration. According to Disney Parks Blog, you'll find themed Minnie ears and a Mulan character meet and greet there. But if you're a major foodie, you're probably looking forward to all the themed food at Disneyland's Lunar New Year celebration most of all.

If you missed out on trying the tasty treats at Disney's Festival of Holidays, no need to fret. There's a new celebration right around the corner with many Mickey-shaped treats you'll want to try. From Jan. 17 to Feb. 9, California Adventure will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with various marketplaces that'll feature different menu items. From sweet Mickey macarons to savory chicken wings, there's something for everything on your foodie list. According to the Disney Parks Blog, you can even get your hands on a Sip and Savor Pass which has six different tabs that can be traded in for a delicious dish.

If you're having a hard time narrowing down what you want to eat, any of these 10 dishes are good places to start.

Chicken Meatballs And Lo Mein Noodles
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Start the festivities off with something savory like the Chicken Meatballs and Lo Mein Noodles at Longevity Noodle Co. This yummy dish comes with cabbage salad and apple-ginger sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

Black Sesame Mochi Donut
Courtesy of Disney Parks

No offense to your favorite coffee shop donuts, but mochi donuts are the real MVPs. You'll be able to grab the Black Sesame Mochi Donut at the Longevity Noodle Co. marketplace as well.

Shrimp Fried Rice With Garlic Bacon Edamame
Courtesy of Disney Parks

You had me at bacon. This Shrimp Fried Rice comes with garlic bacon edamame, so if you weren't already sold on shrimp fried rice, you have the edamame to win you over. You'll find this dish at the Lucky 8 Lantern marketplace.

Manadarin Orange And Green Tea Tart
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Are you looking for something that's sweet and Mickey-shaped? This Mandarin Orange and Green Tea Tart is the way to go. It's almost too cute to eat, which is why you need to snap a pic for your foodie friends on Instagram before taking your first bite. You'll also find this treat at the Lucky 8 Lantern marketplace.

Mickey Chinese Hot Dog Bun
Courtesy of Disney Parks

The Mickey Chinese Hot Dog Bun is too cute for words, and it's on the menu at Prosperity Bao & Buns. Get a cute pic of you holding your Mickey-shaped bun out in front of you while rockin' your Mickey ears.

Lychee-Grapefruit Gin Spritzer
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Sip on this pretty Lychee-Grapefruit Gin Spritzer (if you're 21 or up) at Prosperity Bao & Buns. If you're a major lychee fan, it may be an automatic "yes, please" whenever you see it on the menu, so don't miss out on this refreshing drink.

Purple Yam Macaron With Crème Fraîche
Courtesy of Disney Parks

The Purple Yam Macaron with Crème Fraîche is not only incredibly adorable, but it's super 'Grammable with its bright red, purple, and gold hues. This is the perfect treat to grab from Red Dragon Spice Traders when you're going from ride to ride and want something sweet to snack on. Just don't forget to take a pic first.

Korean Grilled Chicken
Courtesy of Disney Parks

An instant favorite of yours may be the Korean Grilled Chicken dish at Paradise Garden Grill. Not only is the Mickey-shaped rice a nice touch, but you can mobile order this dish from the Disneyland app. That means you can avoid any waiting in line and spend more time eating or riding rides.

Plant-Based Orange Tempeh
Courtesy of Disney Parks

There are even vegan dishes available for anyone who's looking. This Plant-Based Orange Tempeh is both delicious, and it features Mickey-shaped tempeh. You can also mobile order this ahead of time at the Paradise Garden Grill.

Mango Mousse
Courtesy of Disney Parks

Wrap up your foodie journey with a Mango Mousse at Paradise Garden Grill. The bright yellow dessert features vibrant red decorations like a raspberry and edible Mickey Mouse. Get punny with your caption by letting everyone know you met "Mickey Mousse" on your trip to Disneyland.