The New Year's Resolution You Should Make This Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Happy holidays, my stargazing fam. There's a new year upon us, and as per tradition, it's time to set those "new year, new me" intentions. With that being said, I'm going to share the new year's resolution you should make for 2019, according to your zodiac sign, and not to worry, you can thank me later. Trust me, you're not alone, as this was a year of intense transformation, and spiritual renewal, not just personally, but also from a collective standpoint. Our cosmic guides, aka the stars and planets, are always working their magic, and if you're an air sign who needs proof, here goes.

For starters, Saturn, Capricorn's planetary ruler, joined Pluto, planet of death and transformation, in its home sign just days before we kicked off 2018. That in itself made things extra rocky, and since Capricorn rules all things related to those in authority, there were a number of political controversies that came along with it. Moreover, Jupiter, planet of expansion, entered secretive Scorpio in October, which sparked the very beginning of the MeToo Movement, after women in Hollywood began to come forward with their stories of sexual assault and harassment. One thing's for sure: Jupiter in Scorpio came through with a vengeance.

Long story short, if there's anything the year 2018 taught us all, it's that Time's Up. Period. For the record, I'm not just referring to the #MeToo movement, I'm speaking in general, to those who abused their power in any which way or form. Put it this way: Pluto destroys and regenerates, while Saturn restructures. These two planets are both hard at work in the sign of traditional Capricorn, which represents those who are in authority. See where I'm going with this? The days where people got away with murder are no longer. You get what you give.

OK, let's leave the past in the past, here's what you should aspire toward in 2019:

Aries: Focus On Your Personal Life

How do you expect to do everything you want to do, if you're not getting enough rest, and doing you? Your personal life is just as important as the people in your life, if not more.

Taurus: Do Something You've Never Done Before

Doing the same thing gets boring after a while, don't you think? Besides, you'll have the energy to expand your horizons this year, and it's about time you step out of your comfort zone, too.

Gemini: Start Meditating

You need to let go of the fussy details, and start tapping into your intuition. I'm not telling you to be careless, I'm simply reminding you how important it is to free your mind, and surrender to the unknown.

Cancer: Focus On Your Relationships

Are the people in your life making you happy? Remember, this is a mutual agreement, and I'm not just referring to your romantic relationships, I'm also talking about your friendships.

Leo: Take Care Of Yourself

You hate missing out, and you love being the star, but something's gotta give, Leo. Focus on your emotional needs, and home life this year. Think of it as an artistic hiatus.

Virgo: Tap Into Your Inner Child

When was the last time you had fun, Virgo? This is your moment to break free from the routine, and tap into your creativity. There's a uniqueness about you, and it's time you embrace it.

Libra: Focus On Your Ambitions

Hello, boss babe. This is the year you start chasing your dreams, and never look back. Your career goals come first this year, Libra. Focus on you and your reputation.

Scorpio: Read More Books

You're as passionate as ever, Scorpio, and surprisingly not for sex. I'm kidding, but seriously, there's an eternal student that lives within you, and it's time you feed that insatiable hunger you have, and learn something new.

Sagittarius: Start Fresh In Every Way

This is your year, Sagittarius. What do you want to accomplish? Where are you traveling to? It's always a clean slate on New Year's Day, but with Jupiter on your side, it's even more special.

Capricorn: Be Honest With Yourself

Stop thinking about tradition, and what's politically correct, and start being honest with yourself, and with the people around you. It's that simple, Capricorn.

Aquarius: Get More Sleep

No more insomnia, Aquarius. It's time you get some rest, and tap into your subconscious. Not sure if you're a nap person, but that is always good, too.

Pisces: Spend More Time With Your Friends

You have friends, Pisces. You just rather sit at home, lost at sea, dreaming away your life. Balance is key, and your friends need you anyway. You won't regret this.