The New Moon In Libra Will Boost Creativity This Week, Just In Time For Halloween

Stocksy/Léa Jones

There's a new moon in Libra coming up around the corner, on Thursday Oct. 19, 2017, to be exact. We have a lot to look forward to with any new moon, as they are a time for setting new goals and taking steps to make those goals a reality. But the sign that a new moon is in shapes the kinds of goals we might be focused on, and since Libra is such a creative sign, our goals could take on a very artistic tone. Here are a few ways you can really channel that energy for the new moon in Libra, Oct. 19. 2017, even if we aren't really creative types in the traditional sense of the word. Just engaging in a creative project of some sort can help free up space in our minds to break through any issues that could be obstructing our path toward achieving our goals.

Much like meditating, creative projects can just help us open up to our own inner wisdom. This is really helpful around a new moon because it's a time to tap into that wisdom to get specific about the things, people and energy we want in our lives.

Vision Board Yourself Into Another Dimension

Ah, vision boards. The number one crafting choice for lovers of self-help books, and for any woman recently dumped by a man who lived with his mom. You might think vision boards are a real cheesedick way to craft, and you're probably right, but who cares? Vision boards are like dogs wearing sweaters; they are dumb, but they make people happy. Do you hate joy? Then get out some zines and a pair of scissors, dummy.

What you choose to create is entirely up to you. You can vision board a new boyfriend, or you could vision board a world that doesn't blame rape victims for their own rape, or you could vision board a new living room. It's your vision; it's up to you.

Vision boarding is a great way to get creative if you have little to no artistic skill, because you don't have to draw anything. All it takes is enough magazines and glue to piece together pictures of a world you'd be happy living in.

Halloween Costumes

The new moon is on Oct. 19, and Halloween falls on Oct 31st, so why not make your costume double as a vision of the you you want to be? You could be yourself five years from now, as a multi-million dollar CEO of your own company and wear a blazer made out of money (just get yourself a glue gun and some fake currency, using coins as the buttons), or you could be the president of the United States of America (seriously, apparently anyone can do that), or you could completely transform from your human self into a Golden Retriever. I mean who knows? It's definitely possible that when we die, we come back as the more evolved spirit of a dog.

Start Blogging

Making things with your hands isn't the only way to get creative, right? You could always get creative with your words, because words are the hands of the mind. I just made that up, but seems to make sense to me and if you don't get it, maybe you need to get more creative with your mind-hands. Start a blog, or start a moon journal, something where you can put your goals down on paper, speaking them into reality like a real life wizard.

Moon journals are especially fun, and you can use templates, like the one in this article from EnergyMuse online to keep track of dates and the corresponding goals you set for those dates, or if you're more free-flowing in your journaling techniques, you can get a cute blank journal and keep track of the dates yourself, filling the pages with your own drawings, thoughts, or poems (if you want to get really deep).