You Might Be Feeling Exhausted At Work, Thanks To This Month's New Moon

by Rosey Baker
Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The new moon is coming on Dec. 18, symbolizing a fresh start for many of us, both on a spiritual level and for some, even a physical one. You may have noticed your energy gets drained around the time of a full moon. Well, on a new moon, you may feel a fresh burst of energy, as this lunation is about fresh starts, leaping into action, starting anew. It stands to reason then, that you might wonder how the new moon affects how you feel at work. You might be craving a new start, or possibly just desirous of a change in the responsibilities you shoulder at your current job. With Mercury retrograde in the mix though, now is not the time to be making huge, major changes at your place of work.

If you've been wanting a clean break, and you decide to cut everything off during the retrograde, unfortunately it won't be as clean as you think. Either the people or the company you're trying to get away from will haunt your future work life, or your association with them will continue to influence your future opportunities. So, as much as I believe in utilizing the new moon to jump into actions to start fresh, this time I'd advise you to be a little more reserved.

You'll Feel Restless

The energy of a new moon demands more from us, and in response to that, we'll all feel an inner sense of restlessness, a desire to up the ante on projects we feel are moving too slowly, change our responsibilities, or shoulder more of them.

It's important to pay attention to this voice inside yourself, because you know better than anyone what it is you're capable of. Only you know what will bring you the most joy, and you are the designer of your own life, above anyone else.

Listen To What You Want

You will know exactly what you want this new moon, especially now that we have Saturn and Mars in alignment, providing focus and clarity this week that last week lacked as Mercury kicked off its motion into retrograde. Last week may have felt like you didn't know what to do, but that you weren't happy. You may have had some trouble even being clear about what it was you were so unhappy about... and if so, you aren't alone. But this week, all that changes.

You'll know exactly what you need to do about your current work situation, you may even know exactly what you need to do about it. Write all of it down on the new moon Dec. 18. Formulate your plan, but wait just a little longer to act on your impulse.

Practice Restraint

Mercury is in retrograde, as I mentioned previously. That doesn't halt all progress, but it certainly puts a pause on things. I don't advise making any huge moves during the retrograde, because it really is not a great moment to. Things can get misinterpreted, misunderstood. You might have felt you severed ties with a person or a company, but their understanding might be that you aren't leaving for another month. Mercury makes it difficult to even straighten out these misunderstandings, as during this time people tend to remember things in completely different ways.

The good news is, Mercury goes direct only a few days after the new moon, on Dec. 22. So if you take time during the new moon to formulate your plan, it'll be safe to jump into action on the day Mercury goes direct. Be patient, get clear about what you want, then make your move.