New Animojis For Apple's iPhone X Were Announced & They're Adorable

Apple just shared all the new features that will be launched with their upcoming iOS 12 software release, and I’m so excited for this update. Not only will you be able to catch up with all of your friends on a Group FaceTime, but Apple's planned rollout will also feature a whole new set of Animojis that'll elevate your flirting game in the most adorable way possible. That's right: New Animojis for Apple's iPhone X were announced, and you're going to want these in your arsenal ASAP.

According to a press release shared on Monday, June 4, Apple's iOS 12 update sounds pretty awesome. Some of the exciting rollouts on offer include a Group FaceTiming update that will let you catch up with up to 32 people at one time, as well as a personalized Memoji feature that will let you make an Animoji that looks just like you. The possibilities are endless when the features come to your iPhone and iPad in fall 2018.

One more update that iPhone X users can look forward to is an increased stash of Animojis. Whether you think the animations that track your facial expressions and voice are just too weird or the cutest things you've ever seen, you'll have even more options to animate your texts with when iOS 12 is available. The new options include a ghost, koala, tiger and a T. Rex Animoji through the iPhone X's front-facing camera.

Although the addition of four new Animoji characters is pretty interesting, I think I'm most excited to see the tech giant's facial recognition and movement updates in action. According to press materials, the Animojis and Memojis will now "feature winks and tongue detection to capture even more expressions," and Twitter is seriously trolling the flirty updates.

Buckle up, because I predict your texts will be blowing up with way more Miley Cyrus-inspired tongue wagging Animojis than ever when iOS 12 graces your iPhones a few months down the road. According to one Twitter user, the unicorn's tongue even sparkles when it sticks out, so you can make your animated message extra AF.

I'm all for Apple rolling out more "practical" updates in the future — but I have to admit that the new Animojis and Memojis are pretty cute and will probably lead to hours of texting fun with friends.

And while the other features haven't been as widely reported as the new FaceTime capabilities, iOS 12 will also be making your life easier with advances in AR technology as well as Siri Shortcuts so that you can work with Siri on any app, per the press release.

"Camera launches up to 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing is more responsive," the press statement reads. "Even when there is a lot going on across the system, apps can launch up to twice as fast." I can definitely get on board with that.

Unfortunately, iOS 12 with all of its tongue-wagging capabilities will not be available until fall 2018. Until then, the public can test out a public beta later this month, according to the press release.

In other big news, the highly-anticipated redhead emoji was finally announced on Tuesday, June 5 as part of Unicode's emoji 11.0 update, following a long campaign for ginger hair equality in the emoji world. If you were looking to start sharing the new emojis, however, there's a catch. It will be a gradual rollout, with social media apps and operating systems like Apple and Google determining when you will actually get to use the new emojis on your devices, according to the New York Post.