The New 'Hills: New Beginnings' Teaser Reveals Tension Between New Faces


Get your Uggs and Sidekick phone ready, because the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings is just under the corner. Debuting on MTV on June 24, the revival is combining the majority of The Hills' familiar faces with new additions to the cast, but if you thought Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag's feud was bad, some of the arguments stemming from new stars might be just as legendary. The new Hills: New Beginnings teaser hints at tension between longtime cast members and newcomers, so it's time to break down what this could mean for future episodes.

The full trailer for the revival series was released in May, throwing back to original Hills footage before offering a glimpse into the old cast members' reunions at the start of filming New Beginnings. While that trailer showed the entire cast gathering together for a glamorous photo shoot, the newest teaser seems to promise that these sweet group moments will be few and far between as the series kicks off.

This footage shows current couples cuddling together, but it then transitions into Stephanie Pratt and Audrina Patridge both yelling at someone (or each other) off camera. The O.C. alum Mischa Barton seems to encourage any drama, saying in another scene, "Here we go!" At the end of the promo, new cast member Brandon Thomas Lee quips, "Never a dull moments in the Hills."

MTV hasn't quite explained how the format of New Beginnings will differ from the original series, which ran on the network from 2006 to 2010. The series finale of The Hills garnered attention for breaking the fourth wall and implying that much of its drama was faked, which several cast members later confirmed. The New Beginnings teaser includes a quick shot of what looks like Stephanie Pratt placing a hand over a camera, suggesting that the cast will acknowledge the fact they're being filmed this time around. Can you even make a reality series in 2019 without referencing social media and the outside world?

The revival stars original Hills cast members Patridge, Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Brody Jenner, Justin Bobby Brescia, Jason Wahler, and Frankie Delgado. Joining the cast are Barton, Lee, Kaitlynn Carter, Jennifer Delgado, and Ashley Wahler. Hills protagonists Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, as well as Lo Bosworth, are not returning for the show. Most importantly, what happened to those rumors that Kyle Massey was joining the revival?

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Barton shared her experience of filming with a group known for their history together. "I was afraid that, obviously, the drama would land on me because I don’t have babies," she said. ""But the bulk of the drama comes from the history [the original Hills women] have."

Count me in for any rehashing of old feuds, but I'm just as intrigued about new conflicts set to arise among this cast. Will 23-year-old Lee fail at babysitting Montag and Pratt's son? Will someone quote Conrad and scream to a co-star, "You know what you did!"? Will the cast fight for a petition to bring back Les Deux? I'll be eagerly waiting for what exactly fuels the Hills drama this time.

The Hills: New Beginnings premieres at 10 p.m. ET on Monday, June 24, on MTV.