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This Party Tub On Wheels Is Perfect For A Nashville Bachelorette You'll Never Forget

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When it comes to your bachelorette party, you have no trouble avoiding ~average~ activities. Your goal is to check as many items off your bucket list as possible — and that just might mean riding around the city of Nashville in the Music City Party Tub. Have you heard of this party tub on wheels? Trust me, it's a must for your pre-wedding celebrations.

As of right now, you may have pedal taverns, stylish bowling alleys, bars that have live music 24/7, and mural tours on your itinerary, and that's all well and good. Those experiences will guarantee you'll take epic pictures for social media and have a weekend you'll never forget. Your best friends and bridesmaids may surprise you with a crown that reads "Bride" in glitter and sequins, and a private seating area at a restaurant that serves the best fried pickles and sweet potato fries during happy hour.

It'll be everything you ever dreamed of. But, why not dream a little bigger and ride around the city of Nashville in a party tub that's on wheels? This experience is totally unique and will let you celebrate in style. Dare I say, it'll make a big splash on the itinerary for your bash too.

Essentially, the Music City Party Tub is pretty similar to the pedal taverns and entertainment-style buses you've seen in Nashville and on your Instagram feed. It allows you to tour the sights, party it up, sip in style, and listen to music while you're doing it. Unlike the other experiences, though, this tour requires a bathing suit and a deep love for relaxing.

When you first step onto the bus, you'll be greeted by a small pool (which is cool in the summer and heated in the winter), and lots of good vibes. You'll be able to kick back and chill with your squad. From there, the ride will begin.

According to Delish, the tour will last an hour and 45 minutes and take you around Downtown Nashville in style. It'll be the highlight of many tourists and locals' afternoon as they wave to you and point out the epic party bus to their friends. You can expect the driver to handle the navigation, and the separate host on the bus to serve your drinks and play the music. (You should know that this experience is BYOB, so be sure to bring your beverages of choice — no glass.)

The host will also take lots of pictures and a video during your tour. You'll love looking back on this part of your bachelorette and telling your partner all about the time you hung out in a tub on wheels.

To add this experience to your itinerary, you simply need to follow a few steps. First, head to the Music City Party Tub's website and review the frequently asked questions and pricing. You'll notice that the party bus is typically made for private groups up to 10 people, but can hold up to 14 if you're willing to pay an additional $20 per additional person.

The experience costs $425 on Tuesdays through Thursdays, and $495 on Fridays through Sundays, not including tax. If you're booking the party tub on wheels on a holiday or a large event weekend, then you and your bridal crew will be charged an extra $25. The company notes that these dates include: July 4 through July 7, Aug. 30 through Sept. 2, Nov. 29 through 30, and Dec. 26 through Jan. 1.

Next, consider if you have any special requests or want extra time on the party bus. These kind of requests may be something like getting dropped off at a certain location or adding extra time to your stay on the bus. If you want to add time, the company notes that it's totally based on availability, but that you should select one of the additional time options when you're going through the booking process.

An extra 30 minutes costs $85, on top of what you're already paying, and an extra hour costs $160. Other special requests should be addressed over the phone or via email. Otherwise, the last and final step is to hit the "Book Now" button, fill out the waiver, and get ready to have the time of your life.

You should also follow the Music City Party Tub on Instagram and start sending some Nashville captions and hashtags in your bridal party's group chat. After all, this unique experience is going to be one for the books and make your weekend unforgettable. Spoiler alert: It'll let you be anything but average when you're the bride-to-be and get ready for your wedding day in the raddest way.

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