The Most Colorful Places To Rent On Airbnb For Your Next "Treat Yo' Self Trip"

When picking the perfect destination and where to stay for your next getaway, it can get pretty overwhelming with the seemingly endless options. My friends and I usually opt for the first listing that looks comfortable, safe, and close to the center of town. Though, when you're shelling out cash for a place to stay, it doesn't have to solely be a place to shower and sleep at night. Instead, make your rental a travel destination as well, and for your next "treat yo'self trip," opt for one of the most colorful places on Airbnb, complete with all the amenities.

Whether it's pink, blue, yellow, green, or all the colors of the rainbow, any of these seven rentals will bring more character to your stay than a typical hotel room. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they'll be a pastel dream come true when you share pics of your trip to the 'Gram. Your vibrant home away from home will also encourage you to find the color in everywhere you travel, so by the end of your trip, your Instagram aesthetic will be so on point. Needless to say, don't just travel; travel in color and treat yo' self.

Experience Every Shade Of Blue In Mykonos

When traveling to Greece, you must do it in style. That's why this villa in Mykonos is the perfect place for your next girls' trip. Recreate your favorite scenes from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with your entire squad, because this massive retreat sleeps up to 12 people. Then, lounge by the pool, which, might I add, perfectly coordinated with the blue accents all around, and the surrounding turquoise waters at the beaches below.

Feel Regal In A Pink Palace In France

If France is at the top of your bucket list, one of your must-need pics will be sitting outside in the sun on the terrace with a pastry and glass of wine in hand. Lucky for you, that pic will be easy to snap in the luxury of your Airbnb rental when you stay at this pink palace in Nice, France. The balcony overlooking the city provides pristine views, and a millennial pink backdrop for that Insta selfie.

Camp Out In This Teal Hideaway In Oregon

People often opt for an Airbnb rental over a hotel for the truly unique places they get to stay in, like this Pastel Rainbow Fortune Wagon in Ashland, Oregon. This retro sleeper is not only a cozy place for you and bae to escape to for the weekend, but it'll provide some super colorful snaps. Plus, the interior is just as decked out in a pastel rainbow colors as the outside.

Mellow Out In A Yellow House In Greece

Not only is this gorgeous four-story house in Athens, Greece a vibrant yellow hue, but it also provides views of the Acropolis from almost every single room. For a city that has so much history, you'll want to be that close to it all. After a day full of sightseeing, you'll be able to relax in your Airbnb that has both a sauna and Jacuzzi. Now, that's really treating yo' self.

Live A Neon Dream In Miami

South Beach, Miami is popularly known for its Art Deco-style buildings, pastel colors, and neon lights that make the streets glow at night. You'll see color wherever you go on your beach getaway, but you'll definitely be close to it when you stay at this Airbnb in the Congress Hotel. You and your friends will want to snap a pic of you walking down Ocean Drive at night with all the buildings lit up in different colors.

Kick Back And Relax On The Porch Of This Purple House In New Orleans

Nothing beats a warm day in the south, sitting on your front porch, and drinking some sweet tea. You'll get all of this and so much more if you stay in this purple house in New Orleans. You'll be close to the French Quarter, where you and your squad can hit up the bar scene (if you're 21 and up) and try the best beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

Escape To This Yellow Cottage In Rome, Georgia

No — it's not that Rome, but this one doesn't require a passport and long flight overseas. Instead, you'll be able to just relax in this yellow cottage in Rome, Georgia. This gated retreat gives you a private four acres of land to escape to with your crew. You'll want to snap pictures among the gorgeous flowers in the garden, or just take a nap in the hammock outside.