The Most Colorful Places In The U.S. Will Bring All The Pastel Vibes To Your IG

by Jordyn Kraemer

This summer, spice up your feed with gorgeous hues of color in some of the hottest destinations across the United States. Whether it’s the beach pastels or the bright pops of art deco, there are just never enough captivating colors when it comes to snapping pics for the 'Gram. From the quaint city of Charleston, South Carolina, to the outskirts of Oahu, Hawaii, there are plenty of amazing options to explore. Here's a list of the most colorful places in the United States for your viewing pleasure.

All of these locations are relatively easy to get to and have a culture that is truly their own. The color and vibrance of the towns mimic the life that each unique place breathes every single day. These bright destinations also offer an endless amount of creative freedom, from the colorful blocks and plants to the cars and quaint shops. Grab an ice cream, ride a bike, or go for a swim before striking a pose, and you will see that the photos really speak for themselves. Whether you are snapping pictures of these incredibly photogenic spots or are just soaking up the beauty of the moment visually, you are sure to fall in love with these seven magically colorful cities.

South Beach, Miami
Jared Harrell/Stocksy

This is the quintessential colorful city thanks to its art deco pastels intertwined with hints of yellows and oranges. The classic cars and views of the beach make this dreamy hotspot an absolute must for the 'Gram. Drive or bike up and down Collins Avenue to get a good look at all of the colorful possibilities.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Simone Anne/Stocksy

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a beautiful town that has a tasteful blend of creamy pastels and beachy whites. Small shops with flowers out front decorate the sidewalks, and fruit stands act as the perfect prop against a vibrant door. It's hard to believe you can get to this beauty without having to pack your passport.

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Carey Shaw/Stocksy

Speaking of fruit stands, no island town does bright and tropical quite like the North Shore of Oahu. Filled with vibrant shops, fruit stands, shrimp trucks, and racks of surfboards, there's no shortage of chic colors and incredible experiences for your feed. Grab a bright purple acai bowl, your favorite beach towel, and have a day at the beach after capturing the wonders of this stunning place on your camera.

Charleston, South Carolina
B. Harvey/Stocksy

One of the classic destinations that is well-known for its colors is the southern and oh-so-charming city of Charleston. With colorful shutters, pineapples on the doors as a sign of welcome, and horse-drawn carriages, there's a lot to incorporate to make an awe-inspiring photo.

Palm Springs, California

This entire city is bursting with colors that are sure to give your followers some serious FOMO. The warm vibes of this city in the midst of the desert provoke wanderlust and a feminine, playful vibe. Add a few colorful floaties to a mid-century modern house with a pool and a plethora of succulents, and you'll have yourself a winner.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

The French Quarter in New Orleans is one of the brightest and most eclectic collection of colors in one unique neighborhood. From the overhanging trim to the balconies and window shutters, this bustling place is perfect for striking a pose. Grab some delicious beignets, listen to jazz, and capture all the beauty this destination has to offer.

San Francisco, California
Simone Anne/Stocksy

Last but not least: San Francisco. The coastal hub is known for its streets of beautiful pastel buildings all squeezed right next to each other. This makes for a wonderful photo-op that captures major Full House vibes. Grab a mint coffee at Philz, and do cartwheels in the park with these cookie cutter houses in the back of your pictures.